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the pink bike

boys and bikes (Matt, Tim & Mason)

So, you are a college student with not-so-much money, but you want a bicycle.  And one day, at the local thrift store, you spot a nearly-mint condition bike for $10 … ok, actually $9.99.  It is pink, a step-through frame, and there is no denying it is a girl’s bike.  And you are a full-fledged-secure-in-your-maleness kind of guy.

Immediately you know: this is your bike.

downtown - Matt and his pink Schwinn Caliente

A little bit about Matt … He has been a friend of all of the boys for a number of years, and has become like a member of our family.  Spending time here, especially this summer, I like to think that our family’s love of bicycles and cycling has rubbed off a little.  He’s a brilliant student, studying higher mathematics at Georgia Tech.  He’s also an amazing cook (we joke that he should minor in culinary arts), a talented musician, and one of the kindest and most considerate young men we have ever known.  He’s incredibly enterprising, conscientious and hard-working, and is definitely a free thinker.

He said that the unconventional, and maybe “slightly bizarre” look of a guy riding a pink vintage-ish girls’ bike was an appropriate reflection of his resourcefulness and even his personality – for $10, how could he possibly complain?   Honestly, it’s a beautiful bike – obviously garage-kept and rarely ridden.   It’s perfect.   And somehow, it is Matt.

This weekend, Matt headed back to college.  This semester, with a better (and pinker) way to get around campus and Atlanta.  It makes me smile.  Ride on, Matt – see you soon!

at the bike shop with friends

Posted by savaconta on August 21, 2010
  1. 08/21/2010

    Anytime a “discarded” bike gets new life is a moment of celebration. Anytime you convert another person to the cycling life is a opportunity for joyous satisfaction.

    The color of the frame is the least of our problems. Obviously Matt’s intelligence goes beyond mathematics. Nice balance.

    Another awesome tale from Cassi.

  2. 08/21/2010

    Matt, I love your bike.

    Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

    Have fun on your pink Schwinn Caliente.

  3. 08/21/2010

    Love it. Love Matt (in a mom sort of way).

  4. 08/21/2010

    I LOVE that bike!!! You can’t pass up a bike in good condition for only $9.99 regardless of the color or style! And the best part is that I’m sure no one else will have one like it! Tell Matt I’ll be looking for it around campus since I work at GA Tech 🙂

  5. 08/21/2010

    So flippin awesome. Lucky!

    Ever take it any sweet jumps?

    When I was 14 I sold my 5 speed spider bike and bought a pink 10 speed. Boys frame. It was the greatest.

    I hope Matt gets much enjoyment at GT from his totally cool and alternatively hip ride. Lock it up good!

  6. 08/23/2010

    Whatever works! If I found a working bike for $10, I’d be riding it too!

  7. 08/24/2010

    That’s very cool. I imagine he will attract many young women’s interest with his awesome bike 🙂

  8. 07/9/2013

    Got the same bike my dad brought it home from a job he was doing..not in as good condition as yours. I was skeptical about riding it, but once I hopped on I loved the thing right away!!!

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