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#330daysofbiking update & some photos

an excellent message ... as seen in Clarksville, TN

I probably should have waited one more day for the end-of-the-month update, but the pile of photos was getting out of hand.

So, the official count as of today: 138 days on a bicycle, out of 151 days.  Two-hundred and sixteen days remaining.  The month of August was a tough one – missed 6 days of riding –  between the heat, the trip to Chicago, and schlepping the college-bound boys.  But now, everyone is back in school, the weather should be turning cooler, and there are many beautiful riding days ahead.

Spent the past week riding a lot with Mason before he headed back to APSU.  It was perfect, and I will miss his company.  😀

So … a few of the images from days past.  (The remainder, and more, can always be seen in my #330daysofbiking set on Flickr.)

#330daysofbiking, Day 127 ... behind the rails

#330daysofbiking Day 129 ... fun with iPhone and Xtracycle

#330daysofbiking Day 130 ... new and old

#330daysofbiking Day 133 ... Mason, moving faster than the river

#330daysofbiking, Day 135 ... final days. Met the owner of this barn today while riding, who told me it would be torn down soon; old timber/log frame is more valuable than the building left standing. Makes me sad tho.

#330daysofbiking Day 137 - while I jump off to take photos, she gets to take a nap

#330daysofbiking Day 137 ... last ride; heading back to school today

#330daysofbiking, Day 138 .... stopping for coffee, and my sweet little PoCampo rack bag/purse

Posted by savaconta on August 29, 2010
  1. 08/29/2010

    Omigod, that top sign is AWESOME. And I’m reminded that I need to buy a photo from you to put up in my office. That one of your road bike and the barn is stunning…

    • 08/29/2010

      If I get to ride the beautiful Salsa for a mile a two, I will frame an deliver as many silly photos as you want for free … (unfortunately, the sign is not mine to give away – otherwise, I would have it in my yard) 🙂 #RedClaypicnic!

  2. 08/29/2010

    I totally agree with Jeff…..amazing photos as always. I am not going to say that you should do this (I am going to say that you must)…..put together a cycling art show. You really need to do it. Let me know when and where it is happening. And just “Be”.


    • 08/30/2010

      I think I am going to be very busy with my official job as your staff photographer … but thanks! Mostly, I look forward to getting pics of you and yours on your bikes one of these days; I suspect you are the most bikephotogenic family out there!

      • 08/30/2010

        Wow, that would be awesome. I would love for you to take some family biking pictures of us. Consider it done.


  3. 08/30/2010

    Your rides always look so peaceful compared to mine 🙂 I love that photo of the Xtracycle – how did you do that?? And I’ve got to get one of those PoCampo bags – they are just too cool!

    • 08/30/2010

      Thanks, T … you may not believe this, but I often long to be riding in “civilization” like you do. The X picture is nothing but iPhone goofyness (think the app is called ColorShadow?). And yes – I love the PoCampo bags; I think every girl on a bike needs one, lol!

  4. 08/30/2010

    Oooh, this is why I like knowing other women who bicycle – that PoCampo bag is awesome! I’ve never heard of them before but now I want one! Which bike of yours is it on? I know it’s not the road bike and it doesn’t look like the Xtracycle – do you have another one?

    • 08/30/2010

      Haha, M … PoCampo: created & designed by a couple of women in Chicago, and made in Chicago; they are great, and I love this bungie bag (can also attach to the handlebars). And yes – I have a mountain-turned-commuter bike and also an iZip that I occasionally use in town when I’m not on the X. 🙂

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