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halcyon |ˈhalsēən|, adjective — denoting a period of time in the past that was idyllically happy and peaceful.

Halcyon Bike Shop, Nashville

Last weekend when we were taking Mason back to APSU in Clarksville, we made a quick stop in Nashville to visit a fantastic used bike store – Halcyon Bike Shop.  Mason had visited the shop last spring with one of his cycling/physics friends, and was convinced I would love the place.  And I did.

There is so much beauty in the endeavor of recycling, rehabbing, re-using bicycles and old bicycle parts.  Everyone wins.  Beautiful new (old) bikes are born.  Affordable transportation is created from discards.  Landfills are spared.   Pink bikes get to go to college.

The growing number of “bike kitchens” and used bike shops also often offer places where people can volunteer time to work on bikes, and learn basic mechanical skills.  Many of them, like Halcyon – through their Bike Workshop – help educate and provide transportation for underprivileged youth in the communities they serve.  Everyone wins.

We saw some really divine machines at Halcyon; it was hard to leave without one.  Mostly, there was a great informal vibe to the place – friendly and creative.  I think a single sentence on their website describes them best:

Come to the shop and say hello, we are very nice and want to be friends.

Halcyon's "inner beauty"

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Posted by savaconta on September 1, 2010
  1. 09/1/2010

    I always come away from my volunteer time at Austin Yellow Bike feeling awesome (despite the heat, humidity, the grease, the rusty old parts).

    I follow several such organizations: Bozeman Bike Kitchen, Missoula Free Cycles. I’ll add Halycon to the list.

    • 09/1/2010

      You are awesome! I need to find one closer … I think a similar shop opened up in Chattanooga. I would love to be involved. 🙂

  2. 09/1/2010

    There’s a fabulous used bike shop in Burlington, VT called the Old Spokes Home. There was also another great one on Bardstown Road in Louisville–can’t remember the name of it off the top of my head, though. But Halcyon looks like a blast for sure!

    • 09/1/2010

      I think I read something about one opening in Chattanooga, altho I’m not sure they were actually selling bikes — more like a learn-to-work-on bikes kind of place. I need to investigate. I love the name “Old Spokes Home”; perfect!

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