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#330daysofbiking: an update

Day 139 ~ their sign was missing; I thought this made a nice replacement 😉

A few of the random pictures from the recent days of #330daysofbiking.  (And I am on a mission to try and stay on top of things from here on, not letting this stuff pile up into one big post.  Apologies.)

The weather has been pretty spectacular; dry and not so hot.  Lovely and cool in the mornings and evening.  Fall is around the corner, and the prospect of autumn riding stirs my heart.

The official count:  As of today, have ridden 147 of the past 160 days.  Sometimes nice long road rides, sometimes just a grocery haul or errand run.  On my own, or with “my boys” or friends, it is the daily elixir – it is happiness in motion.

Day 140 ~ the little reminders that fall is on its way

Day 141 ~ pedaling, pedicure ... pedalicure (?)

Day 144 ~ just groceries and errand-riding

Day 145 ~ it was great to have Dillon home for the weekend; *perfect* riding weather too!

Day 146 ~ back at Berry, riding around the Mountain Campus & Winshape Retreat (see note below)

Note: Returning Dillon to school, had some time to check out more amazing architecture on the Berry campus.  This is part of the Winshape Retreat located within the Berry property. Story behind it: college founder Martha Berry traveled to France and upon return, decided to build a dairy farm resembling the architecture of Normandy. It was part of the college’s Ag pgm for over 75 years. Eventually, the Cathy family (Chick-fil-A chain) was given the opportunity take it over when the dairy operation changed location, and they converted it into a retreat for church & marriage encounters, a youth summer camp, as well as corporate gatherings, etc. They also offer a variety of scholarship opportunities and special residence halls for Berry students up in this area, known as Berry’s “Mountain Campus” … several miles removed from the main academic center.  The students living at the Mountain Campus have the option of taking a shuttle bus (humorously referred to as the “chicken wagon”) to classes, or cycling/walking on the Viking Trail – which is a great paved path between the two locations.  It was a beautiful ride (below).

Day 146 ~ riding the Viking Trail between Berry's Mountain Campus & Main Campus (no Norsemen, but plenty of deer)

Day 147 ~ riding home from errands; between rumble strip and overgrowth of waist-high weeds, I'm not too happy with TDOT lately

Posted by savaconta on September 7, 2010
  1. 09/7/2010

    Beautiful photos as usual! But what I want to know is where did you get the cool grocery totebag in the extracycle pic? It looks like some I picked up in NY, and I’d love to get more of them. I’m on the verge of asking a friend up there to send me some!

    • 09/7/2010

      LOL, Jenn … I got it at the APSU bookstore. If you can wait until Oct., I’ll be picking up Mason for fall break and will get you one (or two or …?)

  2. 09/8/2010

    “Happiness in Motion” pretty much sums it all up, doesn’t it? I really needed my Shebicycles fix tonight and was so happy to see you post it. It looks like I’ve got 170 days to make a plan to meet you in person….it needs to be done before you reach day #330.


    • 09/8/2010

      D, your comments always make me smile; now I have something to add to my count-down for sure! Thanks always.

  3. 09/9/2010

    so that rumble strip is supposed to save a sleepy, drowsy driver? just enough time to wake them before they hit the weed invested, non-paved shoulder.

    “God help us, we’re in the hands of engineers.”

    Nice pics (as always)

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