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… to be continued

there will be lots of cycling and (too) many photos

Dear friends … Heading out for a few days.  My in-laws, and Tim from The Band, are here to keep Grant and the critters company and hold down the fort.  Mark and I are taking off for a well-deserved trip together – to Italy, with bicycles.  Yeah, I’m pretty giddy!  The agenda is to bike from Florence to Rome, roughly along the Tuscan Coast.  Figuring on filling my water bottles up with olive oil along the way. 😉  Ok, maybe gelato instead.

So, you can be assured there will be plenty of biking photos, and definitely a change of scenery from the same-old, same-old of rural TN.  Hope to be back to post around October 5th, and hope you will check back then.

In the meantime, the #330daysofbiking count: as of today, have ridden 162 of the past 176 days with 191 days remaining. Cheers!

#330daysofbiking Day 157 ~ the colorful world of my favorite bike shop: Trailhead Bicycles

#330daysofbiking Day 159 - evening on the Xtracycle (Lensbaby)

#330daysofbiking Day 160 - busy Monday blind shot

#330daysofbiking Day 162 - a fritter inferno of (pre-)Happy Birthday wishes to my twitter cycling pal, @blueallez ... Happy 50th, C! (you geezer...)