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#330daysofbiking & back on home turf

Xtracycle evening … #330daysofbiking Day 169

Finally … nothing Italian. 😉

#330daysofbiking has continued – missing the gelato stops and getting lost within small villages, but with beautiful Tennessee autumn weather, cooler temperatures, boys home for Fall Break(s), cruising the Riverwalk in Chattanooga, and on the road with the “fast” boys.  Riding for fun, and riding to get the job done (errands, groceries, library, bike shop).

And some important news from coming via our friend Jeff … If you live and ride in TN, or plan to visit and ride, please take a moment to participate in a quick 9-question survey from the folks at TDOT on the state’s bicycle and pedestrian program.  TDOT wants to hear from you! (And by October 30th please … my apologies for getting this posted so late.)

Although a couple of days were lost in transit (Italy), #330daysofbiking count is still on target.  As of today, have ridden 189 of the past 208 days,with 159 days remaining.  And so it goes.

(Coming soon … tales of a new city bike, “Elisabetta”. 🙂 Photos and details to come; stay tuned.)



the "fast" boys ... #330daysofbiking Day 175



the crunch of leaves ... #330daysofbiking Day 178



Fall Break ... #330daysofbiking Day 182



bicycle "gang" (heh heh) on the Riverwalk, Chattanooga ... #330daysofbiking Day 183



Irony: picking up a (car) bicycle rack - by bicycle ... #330daysofbiking Day 187


Posted by savaconta on October 25, 2010
  1. 10/25/2010

    Although I absolutely loved the posts about your time in Italy, I really love reading when your heart and soul is tapped into life in TN. Great post and that vibe that I love so much is back…..awesome.

    Incredible photos as always…..really incredible.


    • 10/26/2010

      Thanks, Darryl … I’m not exactly sure I know the vibe of which you speak (would that be the goofball vibe?), but you know I always appreciate your kind and positive comments my friend. 🙂

  2. 10/27/2010

    I like all your photos but the “irony” shot is one of my favorite. Car bike rack being carried on a bike. Very nice.

  3. 10/27/2010

    by the way, what happened to the pink Caliente? (bike gang photo)

    • 10/27/2010

      Ah Tim, you have such a sharp eye, my friend! 🙂 Good observation – and the answer: Matt left the Caliente at school over Fall Break weekend. They were riding our “spare” mtn. bikes. And as for the irony shot … yeah, something about it felt a little ridicuous, lol!

  4. 10/28/2010

    hey? I thought one of the bike gang members rode a pink Schwinn Caliente?

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