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day 1 of the next 25 years


“holding hands”


Yesterday was our 25th wedding anniversary.   There were beautiful flowers, heartfelt messages and cards, and a lovely romantic dinner, reminiscent of our trip to Italy… yet how does one even begin to write meaningful post about something like this, without sounding like a smarmy greeting card?  I had to leave that to my beloved partner, friend and husband – Mark.  He sent me an email early this morning:

Happy Day 1 of the next 25 years!

Yes.  Just ….. yes. 🙂

As we near Thanksgiving, and celebrate this personal milestone, I am reminded of how beautiful my life is, that I am well-loved by an amazing and inspiring family, and that I can think of no person I would rather continue on this journey with than my husband Mark.

A very happy Day 1.


25 years later... (Steamboat Springs, CO - March 2010)

the center of my universe - my family (Washington DC by bike, October 2008)


Posted by savaconta on November 24, 2010
  1. 11/24/2010

    Happy Anniversary! What a great way to look at it – as day 1 of the next 25 years 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving also!

  2. 11/24/2010

    Happy Anniversary! May the next 25 years be just as wonderful!

  3. 11/24/2010

    Awwww, congratulations to you and Mark on your 25 great years together. I can’t wait to meet him. My wife and I will be celebrating our 7th in a couple weeks…maybe I’ll steal his line. But I don’t think “Happy Day 1 of the next 7 years” has the same ring to it.


  4. 11/24/2010
    David Little

    Congrats on your anniversary! You and I share something very unique. To spend one’s life with a spouse that is a best friend, partner, and the love of your life is a gift. Though we have not been married twenty five years I am grateful for each day with my beautiful wife and all of the excitement and smiles that she and our kids bring to my life.
    I hope you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving together!
    And yes, now it is time to ride!

  5. 11/26/2010


    Tell your husband thanks. I’m going to steal that idea for my 20th anniversary. Very cool.

    Love the “bikes-holding-hands” pic. 😀

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