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#330daysofbiking nearly derailed

don't worry - I was very careful...


I am an impatient person.  I don’t like waiting, and I am – admittedly – pretty headstrong and don’t always take direction well, especially when it conflicts with my own “agenda”.

So, of course, I end up paying a little extra for my recent adventure in stupidity.

Despite the fact I have virtually no pain, a re-check and re-xray at the orthopedist last week revealed (through a small bright white spot on the film) that I may have actually made a small “chip” in the kneecap, and that the remaining swelling is from some fluid in the prepatellar bursa (on the kneecap).  Normally they could drain/aspirate the fluid, but because the abrasion is not healed, they didn’t want to risk possible infection.  The verdict:  “you need to lay off the cycling, the repetitive motion in the joint, for a bit.”


So, I am now taking some anti-inflammatories, trying to scale back a bit on activity.  The compromise is keeping the riding to a minimum for about 2 weeks … basically no more than about 5-10 minutes a day.  Which barely gets me out of my driveway.  Sigh.  But hopefully this will take care of things, and get rid of the pesky swelling/inflammation.

#330daysofbiking has not been completely de-railed … but will be taking a knock in mileage and biking pictures for another week or so.

To date: have ridden 229 of the past 251 days; 117 days remaining.  And so it goes. {-P

riding up the drive to the mailbox (sigh)

#330daysofbiking Day 228 ~ barely up the road ... via Xtracycle