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#330daysofbiking nearly derailed

don't worry - I was very careful...


I am an impatient person.  I don’t like waiting, and I am – admittedly – pretty headstrong and don’t always take direction well, especially when it conflicts with my own “agenda”.

So, of course, I end up paying a little extra for my recent adventure in stupidity.

Despite the fact I have virtually no pain, a re-check and re-xray at the orthopedist last week revealed (through a small bright white spot on the film) that I may have actually made a small “chip” in the kneecap, and that the remaining swelling is from some fluid in the prepatellar bursa (on the kneecap).  Normally they could drain/aspirate the fluid, but because the abrasion is not healed, they didn’t want to risk possible infection.  The verdict:  “you need to lay off the cycling, the repetitive motion in the joint, for a bit.”


So, I am now taking some anti-inflammatories, trying to scale back a bit on activity.  The compromise is keeping the riding to a minimum for about 2 weeks … basically no more than about 5-10 minutes a day.  Which barely gets me out of my driveway.  Sigh.  But hopefully this will take care of things, and get rid of the pesky swelling/inflammation.

#330daysofbiking has not been completely de-railed … but will be taking a knock in mileage and biking pictures for another week or so.

To date: have ridden 229 of the past 251 days; 117 days remaining.  And so it goes. {-P

riding up the drive to the mailbox (sigh)

#330daysofbiking Day 228 ~ barely up the road ... via Xtracycle

Posted by savaconta on December 6, 2010
  1. 12/6/2010

    Sorry to hear about the news on the knee. I’m very similar to you in not taking orders very well….and I know I would push the doctor’s orders as much as I could.


  2. 12/6/2010

    Damn, I am really sorry to hear that! Get well soon.

  3. 12/6/2010

    If you drop in a couple shots of your knee it would be a very fitting placeholder in your photo sequence, and a reminder later on rather than a gap. I say this as a naughty 365 days participant who frequently has to either try make-up shots to fill missed days, and realized that taking pictures of what I can at the time makes sense, too.

  4. 12/7/2010

    Ouch. Hang in there. Good thing you have Elisabetta. She looks perfectly suited for coasting down the driveway to pick up the mail. 🙂 Here’s to a quick recovery!

  5. 12/7/2010

    Bummer! I’m not sure that Doc realized he’d have to actually tie you down to keep you from the bike though. But, here’s your big chance. You can get all dolled up (like the gal in Italy), wearing your best long skirts, proper shoes, a little hat (and, I suppose a huge winter coat right now) and ride Elizabetta on over to the goat barn, the mail box (No NOT the one in town!) and around the house 3 times. it will be quite cute. I can’t wait for that picture. Cassi long-stocking? (:) LP

  6. 12/7/2010

    Sorry to hear that your knee isn’t healing as quickly as you’d like and your biking is so limited! I have to commend you for still wanting to get on the bike with your injury though. When I injured my knee, I would have been too scared of further injury to try to pedal a bike even if I’d thought I could 🙂 I had less than about 30 degrees of knee flexion for months though, and was beginning to think that I might have a permanent “Frankenstein” style walk – haha. While it seemed like forever to me, I did eventually return to normal function. Hang in there – I’ll keep my fingers crossed for speedier healing!

  7. 12/7/2010

    Hi, I am so sorry about your set back! but you will get better. i love your blog!!
    great pics.

  8. 12/15/2010

    I feel your pain, truly. I have very little cartilage remaining in my right knee and I am a knee replacement candidate…once I’m old enough 🙂 I have been told by certain ortho docs that my only form of exercise should be swimming, but I will not give up cycling. I always spin in the granniest of gears up hills and don’t get out of the saddle to push big gears anymore, but I keep on riding. The knee is shot anyhow so, really, what further damage can be done? Ice and Ibuprofen keeps me going.

    Speedy recovery.

    You photos are awesome. You have a really great eye. Great blog!


    • 12/15/2010

      Thank you Marcy … and I l love your blog as well! 🙂 And especially your LHT. Best bike ever!

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