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100 days to go


#330daysofbiking day 230 ... brrrrrrrrrrrr


I don’t know why, but today felt like a pretty big day for me.  Day 230 of the #330daysofbiking project … 100 days to go.    Unless, of course, I decide to go for #33,000daysofbiking, or something along those lines.  (Totally kidding!  Probably.) 😉

Sadly, the milestone was not marked with a very epic ride, but it was good to be out there, regardless.  (I tend to get a little punchy when I’m stuck inside, as evidenced by today’s ShutterCal entry. Lol.)

It was a cold one outside – low around 16’F, and the high only a degree or two above freezing.  The pond had ice on it.  Elisabetta came out of the garage and saw her shadow, which I believe means we will have 6 more weeks of winter.   Bicycle folklore, you know.


she saw her shadow ... 6 more weeks of winter?

today's ShutterCal: "I'm an apple person" (obviously being stuck inside makes me a little goofy(er) )

Posted by savaconta on December 7, 2010
  1. 12/7/2010

    The countdown is on…….I’m looking forward to each of the next 100 posts.


  2. 12/8/2010

    love the apple picture…you are so getting rich when the Apple marketing peeps see it

  3. 12/10/2010

    I liked that apple pic too. A lot.

    And I love the new blog banner. Totally brilliant. Totally.


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