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day 1 and already behind…


buried (alive)

2010 has come and gone, and I wish all of my friends a coming year filled with happiness, good health, smooth pavement, and contentment and civility with passing motorists.  And so much more.  🙂

Took some time “off” (really, c’mon – the stuff I do in no way resembles “work”) to spend with friends and family, and do the annual Christmastime visiting.  Think: the classic holiday movie Christmas Vacation.  And this is my only excuse for behind so behind in posting.

The 7-state untold-number-of-miles roadtrip began with a few days in Chicago, my hometown, the place of my birth, my roots.  There is nothing as wonderful to me as Christmastime in Chicago – the cold and snow, the wind, the lights of the city, the food.  Oh, the food… !


bike delivery and messengers on the streets of Chicago

Downtown, I really only saw a small handful of cyclists (compared to what I had seen back in August).  Mostly messengers and bicycle delivery guys, the ones whose jobs made it necessary to be riding in the cold, snow, and slush.

My favorite bike encounter of the trip was Jack’s Bicycle Puppet Show.  Jack parked his puppet-theater-on-wheels along the holiday shopper-filled corridor of State Street, and for a small donation you would be treated to some music and the adventures of Puppet Cat.  Awesome.


Jack's Puppet Show Theatercycle ~ State Street, Chicago

We left Chicago and headed for rural Pennsylvania, to spend Christmas with Mark’s clan.  My father-in-law was kind enough to dig an old 3-speed Huffy out of the depths of his garage so that I could do some pedaling while we were there.  (I suspect they all knew I needed some kind of outlet to get me out of the house for a couple hours each day…)

There was a lot of snow (18+ inches?), and with the small rural back roads virtually empty of traffic and the occasional passing Amish buggy, the snow-riding was a blast!  Three speeds of happiness in the snowy and slippery landscape.  I couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas gift.


happiness in a borrowed bike - the trusty Huffy 3-speed in the snow (Pennsylvania)

a little slipping and sliding up the hill

a "trip computer" from another era ... or from the local Amish (?)

out in the open

kind of like getting a bike for Christmas

snowy happiness on an old Huffy

And so, to my friends (who are all more on top of things than I am – with full-blown statistics of miles ridden, events conquered, goals met and goals to be set) … thanks for putting up with my continued mindless ramblings, my lack of substantial contributions and goal-setting, and my silliness and lameness in general.  Maybe 2011 will bring a change.  But likely not.  Anyway, thanks for inviting me to the party, and wish you all the best for the next 365 days on the bike.

(And now … to sneak in a non-bike photo – because that’s the way I do things here.)


... kind of like the inner peace & serenity you find while on a bike (only trees can't pedal; I know)

Posted by savaconta on January 1, 2011
  1. 01/1/2011

    Glad you got out and about though personally the term ‘snow biking’ is oxymoronic to me.
    Great pics though – I MUST have a print of that tree photo! You want a wall size print? I’ll have Stan print us both one if you’ll let me 🙂

    • 01/1/2011

      LOL – Oxymoron! ;)) Btw – thank you for that article link; most interesting. Am so behind in responding, etc. – forgive me. And yes, have at it (the tree print)! Can Stan really make a large print somehow? I’m gonna email you directly, Jen … You are so awesome!

  2. 01/1/2011

    Don’t sweat the “being behind” thing.

    Nice tree photo!!!

  3. 01/2/2011
    Mary Lou Justason

    Keep on posting of whatever is one your mind, add pictures of whatever and I will continue to be a happy observer.

    Love to you, Mark and the the boys and thanks for their picture.

    • 01/5/2011

      Thanks, ML … and hugs and love to you and Don. 🙂

  4. 01/4/2011
    Gerry Townsend

    Enjoying the journey & the photos. Your pace is just fine.

  5. 01/4/2011

    Beautiful photos! The Huffy looks like a fun bike!

    • 01/5/2011

      Thank you :). And yes – that little Huffy served me beautifully in the snow. I think she was glad to be “rescued” from the forgotten depths of my FIL’s garage.

  6. 01/5/2011

    Whoa! How did that tree photo happen? Did you put it in front of the white backdrop next to the barn?

    PS – come to #bikeschool this week. I’m moderating and there are some special questions for you 😉

    • 01/5/2011

      I will definitely try and get to #bikeschool – and congrats on the move to GrouchoSports! Hope you will maintain the famous bikerly wit and graphics over there. 🙂 Also (sound of bell ringing) – you win the prize for good guessing, re: the tree photo. Tree was situated good deal in front of my FIL’s white-sided barn/building (it’s a big one). Light was very flat, a bit foggy, no shadows, combine with long focal length lens and selective focus on the plane of the tree – which made the barn mostly “disappear” (and nudged this a bit in PS). If you look closely, tho, you can see very slight striping/shading of the barn siding close to the “horizon” line (esp on left side).

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