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#330daysofbiking continues

a spot of color on the winter landscape … Mason


I’ve been enjoying spending the recent days riding with “my boys”.  Some days it requires a little coercion – when the weather is cold and grey, or when they’ve been up until 4 am watching movies and playing video games with the usual suspects (i.e., Matt, Tim and Boaz).

We actually had a day or two when the temps were unseasonably warm – into the mid-sixties, and warm enough to ride in shorts.  Now the forecast is back to normal winter stuff, including the likelihood of some snow in the next few days.

boy talk

boyz on bikes

bare trees, bare legs


I always find it kind of ironic that I don’t see more people cycling here during winter.   I’m not sure what keeps them off of their bikes?  Our temperatures are really pretty moderate, most of the time above 30’F during the day.  Add a skull cap, some gloves and layers of clothing, and I really like riding during this time of year.  (And I love that I don’t arrive everywhere a dripping ball of sweat).   The landscape is so … muted, peaceful.  Shades of dun and buff, silhouettes of tree limbs, and beautiful low light.

Even the boys admit that once they get out there, it’s always worth it.

typical winter


As of today, the official #330daysofbiking count stands as follows:  have ridden 253 of the past 283 days, 84 days remain.

In a few days, the boys will all head back to school … meanwhile, I am loving every minute of our being able to ride together.

thanks for your patience with my goofy ways, Mason - and for always managing to make me laugh

souvenir 🙂



Posted by savaconta on January 7, 2011
  1. 01/7/2011

    Good to see you getting out there and loving the bike with your boys. Keep on showing those TN ‘ers how to do it in the winter.


    • 01/9/2011

      Thanks always, D … I have enjoyed “unplugging” and just spending time with the boys. Good conversation, riding, eating together. Life is very good. 🙂 Be back to usual routine (and the twitter) soon – everybody heads back to school this week. Meanwhile, thanks for always checking in. 🙂

  2. 01/7/2011

    once again, some awesome photos. can’t decide which i like best:

    1. bare trees
    2. typical winter

    • 01/9/2011

      No decision required … but thank you, T!

  3. 01/8/2011

    I know what you mean about the winter landscape. I just love it tho the ice and snow at times can really limit the routes. Probably why I turn to running more, but on the right day there is nothing better than blue sky, white snow and naked trees.

    • 01/9/2011

      Ice and snow? What is that? 😉

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