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Freeloader transplant


evening glamour shot

Thanks to my awesome friend Rick and the great people at Xtracycle, I am now sporting a brand spanking new set of Freeloaders on Tenzing, my Xtracycle.  (In Xtracycle-speak for anyone not familiar, the Freeloaders are the rear  sling-type “bags” on the rear rack.)

The “transplant” was a breeze, and I am really impressed with the new and improved design features.  Topping my list of favorite improvements:

  • heavy-duty coated fabric, making the interior pocket quite waterproof
  • easy on and off – thanks to clips on the tabs (see below)
  • small weep-hole for drainage at the bottom of the sling
  • end gussets in the heavy-duty coated fabric, rather than mesh
  • sleek profile, uncluttered design


removing the old, installing the new … and the bare bones
can really feel a difference in the new coated fabric vs. the old fabric – very substantial and durable
really, really like the new clip attachment vs. the old sewn down tabs; can now remove the Freeloaders without having to remove the rack rails – very quick swap
transplant complete!

There are two small features of the old Freeloaders that I will miss.  The old version had a small mesh zipper pocket on the face of the inner compartment.  I really liked this little pocket for stashing small things I wanted to keep visible, and it was a perfect size for a spare tube.  The other change is more cosmetic – rather than the red reflective patches on the back end flaps, the clip tabs have woven reflective stripes … not sure if this will make much difference with visibility/luminosity, but I’d be curious to do a night-time comparison.


the little pocket I will miss (old version)

When all is said and done, the improvements in the new Freeloaders make these another design triumph for Xtracycle, hands down.  The fabric and the clip attachment system can’t be beat.  Functionally, I expect them to perform even better than the old, especially with the improved water-resistance and interior weephole.  And the cleaner, sleeker look/aesthetic is beautiful.  Well done, gentlemen!!  (And thanks again, Rick!)  🙂

I’ve spent the past two days “testing” them out – a grocery run, and hauling camera gear out among the Holsteins.  Same amazing functionality, beautiful new look … I am a very happy hauler, but I’ll let you be the judge.  😉


yesterday's grocery run

... and on the old bridge today

... and looking for Holsteins (#330daysofbiking Day 274)

Posted by savaconta on January 27, 2011
  1. 01/28/2011

    wow. didn’t know there was so much you could add to a bike! cool!

  2. 01/28/2011

    Nice post, Cassi, thanks! I too miss that little mesh pocket. Might toss that badboy back on in the future revisions we do for it. Sweet picts too of the steed looking for steers. 🙂

  3. 01/28/2011

    Thanks for the nice detailed pics of the freeloader bags. I have been contemplating on whether to get the new version. I have to old ones. Yes, the mesh pocket is really handy. That’s where I keep my garage opener and keys for my locks. The bag looks really great 🙂

  4. 01/28/2011

    Okay Rick and Cassi, how do I get myself sponsored by Xtracycle? I know I’m not alone in my hoping and dreaming of having one….but dang, I’d look so good on one of those.


  5. 02/1/2011

    Tenzing called, missing the Peace Coffee patch.

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