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Indian summer-winter?


self-footrait 😉

It is winter.  And not really.  We’ve had a stretch of crazy warm days, with the thermometer reaching into the upper 60’s F.  It’s the stuff of riding in shorts, in short sleeves, of walking outside barefoot.  A ride past my neighbor’s field and the song of (too-)early Spring Peepers.   Vanishing memories of the snow of recent days past.


The warm weather makes me restless.   Feelings of wanderlust, longing for variation in the routine … metamorphosis, transformation.  Not exactly sure why.

Maybe in a few days it will snow, and I will return to normal (whatever that is)?


uphill on January 30 .... yes, in shorts

summing up January (aka ... shortening my camera's lifespan)

Posted by savaconta on January 31, 2011
  1. 01/31/2011
    Jenn W

    This is a phenomenon us New Englanders are quite familiar with – sometimes called the January Thaw, I know it as “Blueberry Winter”. Usually the last week or so of January the weather gets unusually warm… right before Groundhog Day. I think it’s God’s way of keeping us from going COMPLETELY crazy – even if there’s 6 more weeks (or more!) of winter to go!

    Don’t know why they call it Blueberry Winter, though.

    Just enjoyed it while we had it 🙂

    • 01/31/2011

      OK … now I want blueberry muffins. Or pancakes. ;)) Thanks Jenn (lol).

  2. 02/1/2011

    We’ve sort of had a roller coaster of weather around here this January as well. Today is a perfect example….it was 80 degrees today and tomorrow we’re in for temperatures in the 20’s. Yikes. I left Canada to get away from the frigidness….so hopefully this is the last of it.


  3. 02/1/2011

    Hi Cassi,
    we had warm weather too, but we had snow, freezing weather come in last night.
    wanted to tell you to go to my blog and see the bike i collaged. yours is neat.
    do you take all your pics? or does your husband take some of them?
    stay warm!!
    we are below 0 here.

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