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karma Friday

the hauling

Do you ever have days when a tiny voice inside says something along the lines of … “today is not the day”?  The planets are not aligned, there is a feeling of bad karma, an inner hesitation, clouds overhead.  And of course I completely ignore that little voice.  Serves me right.

Rest assured – nothing truly bad happened.  No crash/collision, no flat tire, no mechanical issue.  Just a multitude of  basic annoyances that began with getting rained on (and having no rain gear, of course), continued with wasting energy (Staples no longer carries the type of photo canvas I went to buy), and included a superabundance of discourteous Friday motorists (the left-hand turn cut-off, the texting-while-driving twenty-something passing too close for comfort, and the barreling log-truck driver apparently late with his delivery to the pulp mill).

There are not many days I am happy to get off of my bike and off of the road, but today was one of them.  I should have listened to the little voice.

universe off-kilter ... but home again, safe and sound

Posted by savaconta on February 18, 2011
  1. 02/19/2011

    can’t wait to get my cargo kit…can’t wait…I want to take pictures like that

  2. 02/19/2011

    Perhaps you riding your bike through the off-kilter universe nudged it back in the right direction. The rest of us thank you for braving the cattywampus world to paint it with balance and grace even while it wished to nudge you back in another direction.

    • 02/25/2011

      Hah!! Sorry I am so late in replying … I think somehow the universe is back in kilter. I will have to give you the credit, however. 🙂

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