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Day 300: Napolean Dynamite


Day 300: no shocks, no pegs, and I've never tried taking her off of any sweet jumps...

Today I reached day 300 of #330daysofbiking … and I am still wondering how I actually got here?  (Don’t even say “by bicycle”.)

I will be honest – I am sighing a big sigh of relief and happiness that I’ve managed to stay on target and am on the final stretch to meet this ridiculous goal.  For some reason, I was feeling … well, ridiculous.  A little giddy, a little goofy, and considerably nerdy for some reason.

I wanted to ride out to get a cupcake (but didn’t).  I didn’t want a “serious” ride today.    For other reasons unknown, the famous bicycle scene from Napolean Dynamite was on my brain today – as well as the Napolean Dynamite soundtrack song, Music for a Found Harmonium from Penguin Cafe Orchestra.  Ok, well that was on my iPod.   (But please listen and watch, for it is the only way you can appreciate my peculiar mindset.)

Dressed in skirt, tights and a sweater with ruffles (and I would’ve added a hat with feathers if I owned one) –  rather than “cycling clothes” –  I took Elisabetta out for a purely leisurely and fun ride through a local abandoned golf course (more about this place will come in a future post), riding on the golf cart paths.  No traffic, no people, no chasing dogs.  It was relaxing, it was fun, and it was probably a little bit silly and pointless basically riding around in a series of circles.  But I think it was what I needed.  To just let loose, to let my inner Napolean come out – to feel like a kid on a sweet bike.  Without the sweet jumps, of course.


no more golf carts

So … I have until April 1 to finish the last 30 days of biking (for #330daysofbiking).  Hard to believe that nearly a year has passed by, and even more baffling to realize that I may actually see it happen.  We’re heading to the mountains and going to be doing some spring skiing in March, and I was (am) afraid of not having access to a bike for several days.   But if all goes as planned, I still have enough “buffer” days to finish.  Fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, here are a few pics from the last few days of #330daysofbiking.  A little more serious, a little less my inner “Napolean”.  😉


a taste of springtime

in search of Holsteins

father and son ... Mason made a quick trip home last weekend; we had some beautiful riding together

they laugh and make jokes over the things I ask them to do for my camera 😉

I cannot master the panda {-P


Posted by savaconta on February 23, 2011
  1. 02/23/2011

    Oooh! It’s nearly spring there. Those daffodils are lovely.

    Congratulations (in advance, because I know you’ll make your goal) on getting to #330! What a huge accomplishment. 🙂

    • 02/25/2011

      Aw thanks! 🙂 I appreciate the (premature) congrats – I think it will definitely help me, and hopefully I won’t let you down!

  2. 02/23/2011

    Beautiful photos! Riding the path through the golf course looks like fun. I’ve seen some of those paths and been tempted before, but I have never actually ridden on them.

    Regarding your 330 days — woohoo! You’re almost there!

    • 02/25/2011

      Thank you, as always. This golf course was actually sold to a local church, and is no longer being used (or maintained) as a golf course. Fortunately, the church has allowed people to use the land for walking/recreation. It’s kind of a neat place to take a leisurely ride, although I’m afraid it will quickly become overgrown and unmaintained and unusable. We’ll see. Hope to do another post specifically on the place (and hope to talk to someone with the church about it) sometime soon.

  3. 02/25/2011

    Really enjoying reading through your blog Cassi now that I have found it and jealous of your photography skills!

    I do a community cycling blog down here in New Zealand but my photos are mostly just snaps, you know… recording my subject rather than making it really interesting. I’ll have to keep working on that aspect.

    And although I have a few nice bike of my own your posse is impressive girl, and so stylish!!!

    Keep up the good work,
    – Antoine

    • 02/25/2011

      Thank you so much, Antione … New Zealand is a place that is on my list to visit before I die. You are so lucky to live there! As for the photography stuff – I think snapshots are just as important – and maybe more important – than other types. It feel more “real” that way (to me, anyway). I’m glad you enjoy my bikes half as much as I do; I have a soft spot for them (obviously) 😉 Thanks always for stopping by … and please forgive me for my often tardy replies. Happy cycling in NZ!

  4. 02/26/2011

    I think you did a fantastic panda shot. Seriously. I guess this means I now have 30 days to meet you in person. Oh man, the pressure is on.


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