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back to the bike

the pink sleeve

the pink sleeve (... cold enough for jacket and gloves)


basically, the sum of my addictions

The week has gone from cold-ish and grey requiring jackets and gloves,  to warm and sunny with flip-flops and sleeveless shirts.  Such is March.  And it has been back on the bike with, well, perhaps some renewed enthusiasm – although I still have snow on the brain.

The big excitement of the week:

  • having Dillon home for spring break and getting to ride with him (although he is much too fast for me these days)
  • seeing the publication of several of my photos, including the cover photo, for VBT‘s 2011 Italy Bike/Walking Vacations catalog (and yes, with permission and compensation – thank you, Chaipel)
  • coconut cupcakes 😀 #FTW!

For #330daysofbiking, I have reached Day 316.  Two weeks (?!) to go ….


grey day and greening pastures

road repair roadblock {-P

riding (or rather, trying to keep up with) Dillon

riding (or rather, trying to keep up with) Dillon

beautiful spring day, students and their bikes on the local Lee University campus


my dear husband (via my camera) appears on the cover and in feature article of VBT's 2011 Italian Cycling Tours catalog

Posted by savaconta on March 18, 2011
  1. 03/18/2011

    So you carry two cameras? That is obsessive. 😀

    • 03/18/2011

      I’m telling you, this is seriously bad … I own more cameras than bikes, actually (and that was bad enough). Out of hand, I tell you. Ridiculous.

  2. 03/18/2011

    Great photo(s) and congrats on the publication!

    Spring is always an inspiration … to cycling and photography. They go together so well.

    If I’m carrying my DSLR and impedimenta, I use a modified rack trunk to tote everything I need.

    Happy trails!

    • 03/18/2011

      Thank you R … altho I think the cupcake was the biggest highlight. *lol* 😉

  3. 03/18/2011

    Good to see you back on the bike. You know me….not really into that white stuff you posted last time.

    It’s awesome that you got published in VBT, keep on rocking it Cassi.


    • 03/18/2011

      Sometimes I wonder if you really are a Canadian, D?! ;)) No snow for you?! Isn’t it against the law to say that? (lol) I know – St. Kitts on the beach with a goat and a killer suntan. 🙂 I’m guessing Austin is the great in-between. (And congrats on the podcasting!)

      Thanks on the photos/VBT I’m just hoping my husband-turned-model doesn’t get a big head over being a cover-boy! Heh heh…. 😉

  4. 03/18/2011

    How cool about the cover, and really a terrific venture this year!

  5. 03/18/2011

    CONGRATS on the publication! They could not have done better. And hubby is a very good sport to let you put his (however well toned it is) butt on the cover of a catalog!

  6. 03/21/2011

    You are so awesome. You are getting paid now for your pictures? Aren’t they all priceless? Congratulations C. Spring greetings! 🙂

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