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day 330: from #30daysofbiking to #330daysofbiking


It began one year ago – #30daysofbiking.  And then turned into #330daysofbiking; my goal to ride 330 of 365 days.  Today I managed to cross the finish line.  Day 330.   It actually took me 367 days to reach the benchmark; I missed a few more “buffer” days for out-of-town travel than I had anticipated … but it is what it is, and close enough for me.

While I would have liked to celebrate this day with some exceptional or special ride, it was really just a day like many of the others … through the local landscape, me, my bike and a few cows.  As I was riding and thinking about this entire “project”, I realized it was the most appropriate way to reach the finish line.   Just another day, just another ride.  From the beginning, it wasn’t about epic mileage, conditioning thresholds or anything cycle-spectacular.  It was just about being out on a bike.  Every.  Every.  Day.  (Or as close to every day as was humanly possible.)

I am sure that many, if not most other people would’ve kept more detailed statistics about a project like this – and in hindsight, it may have been interesting. I basically only kept a daily log in a little Moleskine journal, with the date, a very rough route description and the bicycle I rode.  I estimate mileage to be several thousand miles, but I have no desire to try and make a more specific calculation.   Beyond this, the only other stats I can offer are:

  • I have ridden 14 different bicycles – in 4 states and one foreign country (Italy)
  • I had one significant crash
  • I wore out one pair of shoe cleats and one camera
  • number of cows and old barns seen along the way … (lost count long ago)

The best record of the experience, the emotions, and the daily adventures is probably buried in the entries of this blog over the past year.  The rides with friends and family, the rides in the rain, the rides in the snow, the rides on the sunny blue-sky days.  The several thousand photos I have accumulated, many appearing in these entries.  It’s a little too difficult to sum up.

While I wish I had something more profound or insightful to say for this final day, I can’t find the words tonight – other than, “it’s not hard – go out and ride your bicycle.”  One day a week or seven days a week.  Thirty days, or 330 days.  It’s the best gift you will ever give yourself.  All you have to do is pedal.




Posted by savaconta on April 1, 2011
  1. 04/2/2011

    Brava! I just cried tears of joy for you. You are such an inspiration 🙂

  2. 04/2/2011

    You did it! Congratulations!

    Just like it’s difficult to sum up here on day 330, same is true with my comment… I’ve enjoyed so much reading your entries… viewing the pics… you are an inspiration and I mean it.

    I won’t ask what’s next. But I hope you have a Guinness or something this weekend 😉

  3. 04/2/2011
    Janice in GA

    So will you start the cycle (heh) over again now? 🙂

  4. 04/3/2011

    You inspired me! I ran across your blog months ago and loved your photographs. I also started a shuttercal. It helps keep me motivated to keep riding and documenting it by taking more pictures. I’m sure you plan to keep going–I know I will!

  5. 04/4/2011

    Congratulations, Cassie. It’s been an amazing #330days for you and I’ve enjoyed following right along. I’m still on my challenge of #330daystomeetCassie and hope to cross the finish line on that one very soon.


  6. 04/6/2011
    Paul (@schup)


    You did it. And you did it beautifully.

  7. 04/6/2011
    David Little

    Thanks for taking time, to share this journey with all of us. This really is a big deal!

  8. 04/7/2011

    Wow, congradulations. That is quite an accomplishment. And here I am struggling to make it to 30 days. Amazing that you had one significant crash … hopefully it didn’t cause too many injuries.

  9. 04/16/2011

    Congrats on this accomplishment. I’m participating in #30daysofbiking this month and have enjoyed and been inspired by reading back through your posts. Your photos are magnificent. Looking forward to reading what’s next!

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