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lens cleaner

(You can thank me now – despite the initial scare, this is a 100% goat-less post). 😉

There has been a lot of rambling around lately … because I am obviously honing my non-productivity skills.  And because the weather is beautiful, and I’d rather be out on  my bike goofing off, rather than, well … cleaning out the attic or mowing grass.

I’ve been drawn to long rides on the Xtracycle lately.  As someone once perfectly described – it’s not the lycra-clad fast and furious stuff (as if I ever do that), but more of a “long, slow boogie”.  Typical me.  Carry a picnic lunch, stop and talk to cows, linger in the fresh green of spring.

So … a few of the sights of recent days, because there’s not much more to be said.

exploring un-named roads

... and always finding more cows

things that haul...


... and things that haul "better"

the curious ones ...

and the not-so-curious ones


the "end" 😉


Posted by savaconta on April 13, 2011
  1. 04/13/2011

    you sucked me in…I was looking forward to some goats…LOL

  2. 04/13/2011

    Great shots. I love how close you were able to get to the animals. And the XtraTrucker is brilliant!

  3. 04/13/2011

    I love that top photo…..awesome.


  4. 04/14/2011
    Elsie and Elmer

    Both the closeup cow shots are commercial material. Very nice in all respects. We approve.

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