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drawn to water

morning paddle

I am still here …

The temperatures have just been unseasonably (and unreasonably) hot, and I have been like some seminocturnal creature – out on my bike in the early morning or into the evening, in search of water to slide into, and avoiding the blinding heat of mid-day.  Some of you may love to see the mercury rise into the upper 90’s (F) each day.  Not me.   I’ll take riding in a snowstorm any day.

if only bikes could swim...

I’ve been drawn to the water.  A little paddling, early morning swimming at the Y, riding to the river.  It’s all a necessary alternative to riding through the rippling, shimmering heat rising from the pavement.  Simply looking at water cools me off.

Ironically, Mark and I are about to set off on another bike touring adventure – nothing as exciting as Italy, but we are really looking forward to it, just the same.  Except for the heat forecasted heat, of course.  Along with possible flooding along the route (that may be a story for another post).  Our timing is obviously not the greatest.  If nothing else, it will be some fresh scenery for my camera lens, as well as a chance to really put some mileage on the Xtracycles.  So stay tuned.

Meanwhile, summer is here in full bloom – and full heat.    Remember to drink plenty of water.  (Or swim in it, or bike alongside  it 😉 )



late hour glare

signs of summer

Posted by savaconta on June 14, 2011
  1. 06/14/2011

    Enjoying your blog. You write as well as you make your wonderful photos. Looking forward to seeing and reading about your next bike tour! Have fun and stay cool, and maybe even a little wet.

  2. 06/14/2011

    Good to hear from you again, do be careful out in this heat! I tell my friends up north that we live in the summer like they do in the winter – mostly indoors. We play outside in small bursts, then come in to cool off. I am regretting not buying the house with a pool these days, though 🙂

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