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a “Sleeveless in Seattle” jersey review & give-away

A while back, the very nice people from YMX (YellowMan Expression) offered to send me a summer cycling jersey to review – along with another to give to one of my readers.  And although I know that the YMX official name for this jersey is the Maori Spiral Cycling Jersey, when I saw the graphic on the back it somehow brought to mind tribal art from the Pacific Northwest.   And as my silly mind typically works in baffling and stupid ways – not to mention that I have always been a sucker for really bad puns along with an addiction to romantic comedy movies of the Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks variety –  I couldn’t help but think:  Sleeveless in Seattle.  (OK, I know, I know … slap me upside the head for that one).

After cycling in this jersey for the past few (very warm) weeks, I will confess that it has become a favorite part of my cycling wardrobe.  Cycling jerseys, with their fitted, clingy nature, have a tendency to make many of us feel very body-conscious.  And not every manufacturer has mastered a flattering cut for a woman’s body.  In this regard, YMX really delivers.  The jersey is long enough where it needs to be, providing a flattering woman’s silhouette without being binding or too revealing.

I believe the cow gave a nod of approval for this jersey...

The MadKool technical fabric is light, forgiving and oh-so comfortable on the hottest days – and smooth as silk to the touch.  While the color combination of the graphics on this particular piece are a little more vibrant than what I (personally) would typically choose, I will admit that I appreciate the visibility factor while on the road, and I love the tribal pattern.  Personally, I have my eye on a few of their long-sleeved designs for the upcoming cooler months – for both skiing and cycling.  (And if you are a yoga or running enthusiast, they offer a variety of “cross-over” garments – which could be some pretty exciting street-wear as well.)

But there are two areas where I am particularly picky about cycling jerseys – the sleeves/armhole seaming, and the rear pockets.  I’ve often found that other sleeveless jerseys can be uncomfortable due to binding/elastic and seaming around the armholes, but the soft and stretchy MadKool binding on this one is exceptionally comfortable.  No chafing, super comfortable for several hours over the handlebars.

very comfortable in the shoulders, arms (and my apologies - I am a bit challenged when it comes to being both behind and in front of the camera at the same time)


The top gusset on the shoulder also makes this a very comfortable fit throughout the arms and shoulders.   And the triple rear pockets are the ideal length/depth with a secure top binding – exactly what I need when for stowing my camera lens on my back.

By now I am sure I have convinced you that you want one for yourself, right?  Well, the good news is that the very nice people at YMX have told me that they will be giving away another to one of my readers (which would be you).   So how will this happen?  Easy.  Simply leave a comment on this post, and to keep with my “Sleeveless in Seattle” silliness, be sure to include your favorite romantic comedy in your comment.  For my male readers who may have a partner/wife/girlfriend cyclist in your life who might enjoy a surprise, you can enter too (but you must confess your favorite romantic commedy as well … heh heh).  I will pick a winner at random and be in touch with you (i.e., You’ve Got Mail (?))  about forwarding the appropriate information (size, shipping address, etc.) to the folks at YMX.

And if you’d like to be entered in a sweepstakes to win a $300 YMX wardrobe, simply “like” their Facebook page:  here.

Now to return to my Netflix queue…… 😉

Posted by savaconta on August 22, 2011
  1. 08/22/2011

    They were supposed to send me a sleeveless and I ended up getting one with sleeves. I like the one they gave you and it looks great. Mine, not so much.


  2. 08/22/2011

    How about Bounty Hunter? Can’t beat Gerard Butler! I like the jersey–looks better than most sleeveless jersey’s I’ve seen late, that’s for sure.

  3. 08/23/2011
    Hugh Grant

    I also have a real problem with some of the sleeveless jerseys out there. I particularly dislike it when the seams start to unravel and the long strands of thread begin -Notting. Hill – climbing is very hard when you are distracted by these dangling nuisances. I resolved that Ever After I would trim those things before I left home and eat a prune or a date before I left home for good luck. Even if meant eating 50 First Dates. I’m afraid I have no use for a woman’s jersey however, so I won’t be Shallow. Hal, the computer in that science fiction movie would have more use for a woman’s jersey than I would. But I’m sure some intrepid reader will convey a few of her favorite romcoms and will wear it with pride. Looks good on the model in the post, that’s for sure.

  4. 08/23/2011

    Well, I’m sure it’s not really classified as a romantic comedy, but Grease is probably my all time favorite movie. You have to admit that there is both romance and comedy in it though!

  5. 08/23/2011

    Hmmm, favorite romantic comedy. Hard to choose one so here are a few – Dave, Emma, Bridget Jones (interesting that all titles happen to be names as well).

    I’ve had my eyes on the YMX bicycling jerseys for awhile now. I’ve been coveting a sleeveless jersey in turquoise! Excited to know they make clothes for other sports as well.

  6. 08/24/2011

    I have been jones-ing for one of these YMX sleevless jerseys for a long time. Thank you for the great review, very helpful. Hopefully I will win the free jersey and give it the ultimate test of it’s cooling properties- summer in Tucson, AZ. It was 106 F today and there are no signs of cooling below the 90’s till October.
    I too am very picky about my summer jerseys, always have a issue with manufacturers who wouldn’t dream of skimping on the pockets of a men’s jersey, but don’t hesitate with the women’s. I carry more stuff on rides than the guys.
    Favorite romantic comedy has be The Princess Bride. My sister made me snort and convulse with laughter at our older brother’s wedding by leaning over and whispering in my ear “Mawage, is sacwed thing”, and my husband loves it too!
    Oh yeah, Pick Me, Pick me!!!

  7. 08/25/2011

    Never seen Maori motifs in those colours down here in NZ! I’ve got a sweetheart who’d look great in that explosion of colour though.

    Favourite Rom-Com? *cough* How about “A Fish called Wanda”. That’s a male romantic-comedy if ever there was one. Armed-robbery, flirting in Russian, serious goldfish-abuse and plenty of dogs were harmed in the writing of the script. But… the guy gets the girl, the girl gets the guy and they both get diamonds ;^)

    – Antoine

  8. 08/28/2011

    My favourite rom/com/com/rom Hope Springs. My hope springs for a jersey if I’m not too late!

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