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adventures in solitude

The first day of September.  For some reason, it feels like such a turning point … leaving summer behind, kids back at school, the last week of swimming outside.  Awaiting the pungent crunch of leaves, diminishing daylight, cooler temperatures.  For me, a time of  Adventures in Solitude.  By bicycle.

I rode today with only my little Lumix point-and-shoot.  It makes me “work” a little harder … and I’ve just been feeling like I need to be challenged.  With the first of the month here, I feel like I’ve been slacking off over the past few months, not feeling especially creative.   And I find myself looking for some long-term personal “project” to tackle, something to inspire me, to spark some creativity, to prod me in some new (?) direction.

I confess that I am a big proponent of 365 projects.  My experiences with ShutterCal and #330daysofbiking were rewarding, challenging, and a “push” to grow, learn and expand my proficiency with my camera and on my bike.  I’ve been trying to figure out another 365 avenue to tackle; as much as I loved the photo-a-day, and the ride-a-day, I’m just not feeling an urge to repeat those.  A variation on the theme would be fine, but just not a repeat of the same.

Some of the more fascinating 365-projects I’ve come across in my search for inspiration:

  • Clouds 365 Project – a daily photo project of a single subject: clouds.  Stunning stuff.
  • Make a Book A Day – a seriously ambitious undertaking of making a hand-bound book every day.  Wow.
  • ThreeSixtyFiveBears – the creative undertaking of my (twitter) friend Meghan’s husband, Phil Barbato (artist/designer/web developer), who is drawing a bear each day on his iPhone.  Awesome.
I just haven’t figure out what to do yet … But I hope something will come to me.  Soon.  For now, it’s bicycle and camera.

Final note:  Thank you to everyone who responded to the jersey give-away; I appreciate the interest and the great rom-com suggestions for my Netflix queue.  ;-).  I will be revealing the random-drawing winner by Monday, 9/5.

365 days of field corn ... ???

Posted by savaconta on September 1, 2011
  1. 09/1/2011

    If I lived in a place that could promise me crunching leaves and cooler days before December, I would put my hands to baking. While there I would revamp Granola, Cookies, Pies and Cakes. Alas, I live in Tucson where it’s still 100F at 9:30 PM, swimming outside is more like doing laps in a really big bathtub and riding is a test of your metal and commitment to “getting out there”.
    I love your photos and commentary, that in it’s self is art, don’t forget that. In the mean time, drink in life and all it’s tiny wonders.

  2. 09/2/2011

    I miss you on ShutterCal. It was your blog and reference that got me started there!

  3. 09/2/2011

    365 cows. That would make me smile 🙂

  4. 09/2/2011

    How about 365 days of reading? But it must be reading something that is not the news – a novel, memoir, essay. Should also involve actually sitting still in a comfy chair for 15 minutes or more and involve a cup of coffee or glass of wine 🙂

    Hmmm, maybe 365 days of wine?

  5. 09/2/2011

    Oh, can’t wait to find out what you decide will be the next project. You were my inspiration for my own 365-day photo project; it was such a great challenge and I learned to appreciate and be aware of my surroundings so much more!

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