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swing and pedal at the same time ... an student creation

Yesterday, while pedaling around Chattanooga for the afternoon, we came across a fascinating live gallery of artbikes gathered near the Chattanooga Aquarium.  All of the bikes are student creations, sponsored by a local non-profit, Art120.

Art120: Benefitting art, education, and the community

Art 120 is a 501(c)3 organization created to provide funding for arts education, an
annual free arts event for the public known as an art car parade, and opportunities to connect the public to artists and art within about a 120 minute commute of
Chattanooga. Art 120 supports artists, arts related nonprofits, and their communities
by providing opportunities designed to foster a better understanding of visual art
by the public.

Jack ... and his Dragon

What was most inspiring for me was getting to talk to one of the young artists, Jack – creator of his wonderful bike-flight of fancy he calls “Jack Slays the Dragon” (I hope I got the title right, Jack?).   Jack designed and constructed this great piece of moving artwork by himself (although he said he did have some help with the welding); he conceived the design, shaped the metal framework, and attached the wire/shredded plastic covering.  And best of all … he looks awesome while riding it!  Who wouldn’t want to ride a dragon?!  (Video of several of the artbikes, including Jack on his dragon, being ridden through Coolidge Park, here.)

Jack Slays the Dragon

While Jack’s Dragon was really my favorite, there were a couple of other spectacular creations including the Swing-By-Bike, and the Bedframe Rat Rod (a nifty tandem built around an old bedframe).

I ❤ bikes, of course … but I also love the creativity that they can inspire.  I love to see people celebrating the art of the bicycle, and the limitless imagination of young minds.  Applause to Jack and the folks at Art120.

My Little Golden Pony(bike)

Bedframe Rat Rod (tandem)

... and other colorful bikreations 🙂

Posted by savaconta on October 10, 2011
  1. 10/10/2011

    We were down there too, they were just awesome. They had some on the front patio at the Creative Discovery Museum too. So nice to see such great art projects going on in our area!

    • 10/10/2011

      Had I known you guys were there … I would’ve found you!! 😀 Sorry I missed the ones at the CDM. Those kids are amazing.

  2. 01/4/2012

    Love this article! Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with our students and posting this. Our kids had a fabulous time and we are planning more bike ventures in the future. May I use a few of your images?

    • 01/4/2012

      Hi Kate – thank you so much, and absolutely – please feel free to use any images that will suit you; I’d be honored. I can’t wait to see more of the work being done by your amazing group; I think it is absolutely wonderful, and I applaud everything you are accomplishing through Art120. Cheers!

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