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today's bike rack "friend"

So I had to make a quick bike run to Target today.  I arrive, go to lock up my bike at the rack, and spot this lovely little arachnid along the building next to my bike.  It looked suspiciously distinctive, and upon closer (but not too close) look … yep, a black widow.  (And yes, she was fully alive and well.)

Now it’s not that I have any big case of arachnophobia; I happen to think spiders are kind of cool – as long as they are not crawling on me.  But this one, being a little package of poison – I swear she was eyeing my bike and thinking how nice and cozy it might be to sneak into my panner while I was in the store.  It looked like a mighty nice home, rather camouflaged, nice and dark, an easy place to hole up … and wait.

Yes.  I’m an idiot.  And my mind runs in ridiculous directions.  Never the less, I moved my bike to the other side of the building.  Just in case.

looking for a new home in my bike?

a color-coordinated house for your 8-legged "pets" (?)

Posted by savaconta on November 23, 2011
  1. 11/23/2011

    You know,I’ve heard that these creatures can jump quite well, looks like it was quite a risk to take such close-up photos (very good photos indeed!). My god! Isn’t this thing just so scary!
    where’s it geographically?

    • 11/23/2011

      They can jump?! :-0 Geographically – SE Tennessee.

      • 11/24/2011

        You know, I remember reading a post of another blogger who also took a picture of a black widow and she wrote something like “don’t come too close to them because they jump”. I googled the info right now and found nothing, so maybe it’s not true after all. I’ll keep looking, if I find something, I’ll return and tell you.

  2. 11/23/2011

    Beautiful pictures as always….but I’ll take the xtracycle over the spider any day.


  3. 11/23/2011

    That was an awesome photo of the Black Widow spider!

  4. 11/24/2011

    Thanks for my daily dose of education. I had no idea what a black widow spider even looked like! My husband says we do not have those here in Vermont. Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. 11/25/2011

    HOLY cow! I would DEFINITELY have moved my bicycle, but I am quite afraid of any spider, so this may have just sent me over the edge. I will agree, though, that they are so beautiful. I can’t help but be enthralled by them… my rule has always been: “Just stay out of the house.” You took some really gorgeous photos of this black widow.

  6. 12/30/2011

    Wow! We found one hiding in our garage last summer under the step ladder sitting just beside my husband’s triathlon bike and gear. They are extrordinary to look at yet frightening when I consider how deadly (or so I’ve been told!) they are.

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