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same old

Getting out, wandering around, same old, same old  … it may be cold, but it sure doesn’t feel like winter.

Posted by savaconta on January 18, 2012
  1. 01/19/2012

    This too shall pass…frigid cold finally came here to Vermont – with a vengeance!

    • 01/21/2012

      Please send me a dose of your winter …. 🙂

  2. 01/19/2012

    You’ve got some nice picture here. I like the gist of your trying to simplify. Up here in NH I commute to work by bike and run the occasional errand.
    I really like that marble picture on your last post.

    • 01/21/2012

      Thank you :). Visiting NH is something I really want to do someday.

  3. 01/21/2012

    Do you ride that thing or just take pictures of it?

    • 01/21/2012

      You have figured out my secret … I have actually never ridden a bike. ;). #goofball

  4. 01/21/2012

    Just stumbled across your blog searching for women’s cycling blog and had to stop and say hi, since you take the most amazing photos! Thanks for sharing them!

    • 01/21/2012

      Thank you – appreciate you stopping by.

  5. 01/21/2012

    You should do a goofball post. Wait…they all are.
    In all serious, more goats please.

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