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I don’t know the official high temperature today, but my window thermometer read 74’F … and in the course of a week, nature has exploded into springtime.  While I should have been doing other things, I was seduced by the weather …

Just things seen by bike (and apologies for double-posting today).

Posted by savaconta on February 23, 2012
  1. 02/23/2012

    88 in Austin, I’m wearing shorts and sandals

    • 02/23/2012

      Is it just me, or is this a bit crazy?!

  2. 02/23/2012

    It might be you. Still brown, and a tiny bit white winter here.

    • 02/23/2012

      We need to trade. Really.

      • 02/23/2012

        You are such a whiner … (lol) 😉 C’mon C – fritters go better with snow and hot coffee.

  3. 02/23/2012

    It IS a bit crazy…it hit 73 degree (on my porch thermometer) here in the VA/TN border-town of Bristol,LOL! Awesome pics posted 🙂

    The DC

    • 02/23/2012

      Thank you. Amazing, isnt it? I didn’t know you were in Bristol! :D. My son is at ETSU nearby. You have a lovely area to cycle.

      • 02/23/2012

        Thank you,and yes we do! Small world,isn’t it?

        We’ve only been here since last August (in the area since July 1,but settled in August) when our old house burned up (no one was home or injured-that’s why we paid Allstate,LOL),so I’m still exporing it (as my ailments allow). LOL,gas prices going to be what they’re predicting,hopefully that means I (and others) will be riding more this year 😀

        If you find yourself out this way to visit your son,I owe you a cold Mtn Dew or Tea 🙂

        The DC

      • 02/23/2012

        I am SO sorry about your home!! And relieved no one was injured. I will definitely buy YOU the tea/Mtn Dew if/when we meet up! 😀 Count on it!

  4. 02/23/2012

    I would love to ride were you are. You can have this. Really!

  5. 02/23/2012

    no arm warmers, no base layer, no booties or embrocation and it’s Feb? I’ll take it, back to normal this weekend.

  6. 02/23/2012

    Amazing weather and photos!

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