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utilitaire 10 of 12: a-go-go

Riding across the Riverside Drive glass bridge in Chattanooga always gives me an imaginary sense of victory(?) over cars.  I love standing on that bridge with my bike and looking down at the cars driving underneath; I am looming over them for a change (even it it’s only in my mind…).

Today’s destination was number 12 on the Utilitaire control card: to get my hair cut.  My once-a-month-or-so trip to Chattanooga to visit my stylist, Chris, at Hair-A-Go-Go gives me a chance to ride into the city on the Riverwalk.

I will confess, I have to drive (shame on me!) to the northern terminus of the Riverwalk from home; but living about 40+ mi outisde of the city, an 80-mile round trip would be a big stretch for a reasonable commuter distance for me. Sorry. This way, anyway, I cut a little off of my driving distance, and get to ride the  “scenic route” into downtown, and have some time to enjoy the destination.    I think the approximate distance from the north end of the path to the Bluff View Art District downtown is about 8 miles one way, so the round trip  makes  for a relaxing and comfortable ride which I almost always make on Elisabetta.

Got my haircut, stopped into the downtown art supply store for a new pen, and then lingered around Coolidge Park for a little while enjoying the incredible sunshine and the balmy temperatures.  I think we reached the mid-70’s.  Lots and lots of people were out, walking, biking, sitting on benches on the Walnut Street Bridge, enjoying picnics in the park.

Before heading back, I stopped to treat myself at Rembrand’s Coffee House in the Art District.  I was in the mood for one of their blackberry Italian Cream Sodas …  it was heavenly, especially on the warm day.  I am not exactly sure what makes it “Italian” (because I don’t remember ever seeing anything like this in Italy), but it is basically blackberry syrup, soda water, and some cream – yes, real cream – over ice.  Not something to indulge in on a regular basis, but for an occasional treat, I shall have no guilt over it(!).

My hair is back to it’s short and trimmed state, my journal enjoyed the sun and the park (if not my attempts with the new pen), and I am still imagining the sweetness of blackberries and cream.  A few scenes from the day … and a big thank you to the very kind new friends who have visited these pages from today’s Freshly Pressed; it was an unexpected surprise, and I am quite bowled over by the kind words and responses.  Many thanks.

buying pens

playing with new pens

Chattanooga has a thriving hipster population  … Riverwalk

Scenic City bridges … Coolidge Park

Posted by savaconta on March 1, 2012
  1. 03/1/2012
    Mary Lou Rutledge

    This is so cool. From the bridge to the hair salon, to the fact that you drove part way. I love this!
    Congrats on your being freshly pressed!

  2. 03/1/2012

    Do you know my most favorite bike/ped bridge in Minneapolis snapped a huge cable? A fairly new bridge too. So crazy. I love your bridge. May I come ride on it someday?

    • 03/2/2012

      :-0 So sorry! Hope they can fix it quickly. And yes, I think they allow MN people on our bridge … lol. C’mon down!

  3. 03/1/2012

    Loving your blog:)

  4. 03/1/2012

    Beautiful bike and seems like a relaxing day with interesting sites in town.

  5. 03/2/2012

    I wonder what the motorists would do if they saw Mongo looming over them 😉

    • 03/2/2012

      by the way… Elisabetta is truly a work of art…so jealous

  6. 03/2/2012
    Persnickety Reader

    I love your blog, and what you are doing. Good for you, it’s fantastic!

  7. 03/2/2012

    Hey…I’ve been there! 😀 I haven’t read back through your postings yet,and I didn’t realise exactly where you were…we used to live just north of the Choo Choo in Dunlap and South Pittsburg,TN back before we had kids in the mid-90’s! Freaky now that I’m realising just how small this world really is,LOL! 🙂

    The DC

  8. 03/2/2012

    Tennessee hipster. Oh my God how I want to hear a Tennessee hipster talk. In hipster lingo of course. Ha ha ha… Infinity

    Please arrange a YouTube video for that. Please?

  9. 03/2/2012

    Congrats on being freshly pressed, great blog!

  10. 03/13/2012

    Central Illinois doesn’t have very many hipsters… instead people look at me riding my bike and think I must have a DUI. Though I am not a hipster nor do I have a DUI I do enjoy good old fashioned bike riding. Not sure what that makes me.

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