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small change

I leave on my bicycle and often think: same roads, same fences, same old barns, same bike, same me … nothing changes.

And then I open my eyes and realize that nature, the natural world, is changing all around me.  Beautifully.  From minute, to day, to week, to season.

The same road is different each day in small and subtle ways.  It is all the change I need.

Posted by savaconta on March 29, 2012
  1. 03/29/2012

    I wish my commute was like this! Thanks for sharing such gorgeous images.

    • 03/29/2012

      Thank you 🙂 Any and all credit for beauty goes to Mother Nature.

  2. 03/29/2012

    Spring is looking beautiful in your area. How lovely!

  3. 03/29/2012

    I’m running out of adjectives to describe your pictures. Love the bee macro.

    • 03/29/2012

      I am figuring all of the pollen in this post is not helping your sinuses … and I apologize. But thank you! 🙂 Hope you feel better soon.

  4. 03/29/2012

    Great! Beautiful pictures! I have the same feeling about all around us. Thanks.

  5. 03/29/2012

    Reblogged this on West USA Bike.

  6. 03/29/2012

    Wonderful – from the pictures to the message in this post – so true – who needs a change of scenery? All we need is a change in outlook and we can see it all unfold. Gorgeous!

    • 03/29/2012

      You said it even more beautifully!

  7. 03/29/2012

    Loving your photos – nature is now calling to me – thanks for sharing! Have a Great Day:)

  8. 03/29/2012

    this is such a beautiful post! the pictures are stunning! i would totally love to do this commute every day! the vibrant colours are to die for!
    would totally swap my commute for yours!
    keep smiling 🙂

    • 03/29/2012

      Thank you – but it would be fun if we could swap 😉

  9. 03/29/2012

    Awesome pics!

    The DC

    • 03/29/2012

      Thank you, S … am sure you are seeing much of the same up there. Enjoy the spring (and I still need to get out on my mtn bike)!

      • 03/30/2012

        Yes we are (and I’m LOVING it!),we have been (hope you have as well),and yes you do,LOL! I’ve only hit trail a few times this year so fay,but it’s all been recent for the most part (which makes me ” 😀 “)

  10. 03/29/2012

    Nice pics and words. Bet your allergies are raging.

    • 03/29/2012

      Yep – eyeballs and throat feel like sandpaper nearly every day lately. I will miss the color, but will be glad when the pollen is past! Happy spring, C.

  11. 03/29/2012
    Mary Lou Rutledge

    I love these!!! And the thought.

  12. 03/29/2012

    I hate to be a sucker for a phrase, but a church I ride by has a sign pronouncing a weekly message and this week’s is, “Keep the Change” – which your post reminded me of. Viva la change! Excellent post and photos. V.

  13. 03/30/2012

    gorgeous photos!

  14. 03/30/2012

    Observation is the key to gifts from Mother Nature. She always delivers if we are willing to take notice. Great post! Happy spring.

  15. 03/30/2012

    I swear, that cow face through the wheel made me smile out loud…:-) Lovely shots.

  16. 04/13/2012

    Have to ask which camera you use for your shots? All are very nice! Agree w/ someone above about running out of ways to compliment your talent!

    • 04/13/2012

      Thank you :). These were taken with my Canon 7D; the black and whites in the other post were taken with a small Leica D-Lux4. Hope this helps.

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