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rabbit, fox … and turtle

Some cyclists are fleet like rabbits, some quick or clever like foxes … as for me, I am more like a turtle.  Usually getting waylaid on the side of the road with my camera, and having to be prodded to get moving.  Eventually I manage to get where I am going.

Yesterday we decided to explore some new territory.  I’ve had a local route book on my shelf for almost a year now – (Chattanooga area) Bicycling Routes by Elle Colquitt.  It’s filled with nice maps, cue sheets, and route descriptions for some interesting-looking rides in the Chattanooga area and into north Georgia.  I am ashamed to admit that I haven’t made as much as much use of it as I should.  I tend to be a creature of habit, and end up riding my favorite roads more often than  exploring new ones.  Like I said, I am a turtle.

While many of the routes would (realistically) necessitate driving to some not-so-nearby starting point, one of the routes begins almost out my front door.   It’s called “Chasing Down the Rabbit and the Fox”, named for Rabbit Valley Road and Black Fox Road.

I am guessing that nearly half of the photos on this blog come from points along Rabbit Valley Road and White Oak Valley; they are the roads we tend to ride a lot.  They are beautiful and bicycle friendly.  I have established friendships with many cows along the way. But a good portion of the Black Fox Road side of the loop was new and un-ridden territory for us … so we decided to give it a go.  And I am glad we did.

I would describe the route as very easy – a great leisurely Sunday ride for us turtle-types.  Mostly gently rolling, good pavement, low traffic.  The hillier parts are ones we are already familiar with, on the White Oak Valley side.  One very short “whoop-y” little climb, but otherwise easy on the legs and lovely to the eye.  We ran across several other small groups of cyclists along the way, which makes me believe it is a pretty popular route.  And while I took some photos, I was focussed on taking in the new scenery and enjoying the ride.  So much so that I didn’t pay enough attention to regularly sipping from my water bottles, and ended up with a post-ride sun/dehydration headache.  Dumbness.

The first of April brings another #30daysofbiking to the table.  I applaud several of my friends who are making a go of it again – Myrna, BlueAllez (aka FritterMan), and DIsabled Cyclist.  While I really enjoyed my past experiences with both #30daysofbiking, and my subsequent #330daysofbiking, I have debated about committing to another. I may, I may not.  We’ll see.  At this point, I am not officially putting my name on the list, but may try and keep a Flickr set – one photo from each day.  If I make it through to the end, I may write a post.  Maybe.

Meanwhile, a tip of my cycling cap to my friends – and I wish you all many happy miles and adventures.  For me, silly business as usual … and a few scenes from yesterday.

(Can you spy the cyclist?)

Posted by savaconta on April 2, 2012
  1. 04/2/2012

    Beautiful post, beautiful photos – thanks for sharing! Happy Monday!

    • 04/2/2012

      And Happy Monday to you too! Thanks. 🙂

  2. 04/2/2012

    love the idea of the route book – I wonder what it would take to put one together for the Austin area

  3. 04/2/2012

    awesome shots…great blog..really enjoy reading through the blog and nice pictures

  4. 04/2/2012

    I am too (turtle),sometimes out of (like you) the need to click a pic,but most times because I just don’t see the need ot ride fast (well,ok,mtn biking sometimes I ride close to race pace,but not road)…I can go fast (relatively 😉 ) when I drive.

    GORgeous pics,my friend! Sounds like cool places to pedal 🙂

    The DC

    • 04/2/2012

      Thanks DC – and hope the sun shines for you this week!

      • 04/2/2012

        It’s shining out right now (but my belly’s too full from dinner still,LOL! :P),but was pouring at least half of this early mornings ride,hahaha! It’s all in how one sees things though…normally I cringe at riding wet (only rain gear I own is a 99 cent poncho from the DFollar Tree,LOL),but it was just fun today 🙂

  5. 04/2/2012

    Yep, I’m doing 30 Days of Biking again. It’s fun (although I’m not terribly fond of riding in the cold). I love your pictures – is that blue flower a Bachelor’s Button? I love those. They remind me of being a kid 🙂

  6. 04/3/2012

    Shame its so far away it looks lovely but I couldn’t justify a jet ride to get there.

  7. 04/3/2012

    Such lovely photos. Do you mind sharing what camera gear you take on your trips?

    And I need some turtle friendly rides in my area!

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