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I Love Lucy

The essence of the reddest of red-heads … I am calling her Lucy.

Six months of collaborative creating which began with my bike fitter, Eddie at Cycology, to the actual fabrication of her bones by Natalie Ramsland at SweetPea … and finally home for the final build and “dressing up” by my most awesome local bike guy, Charles at Trailhead – who knew exactly what she needed to become the thing of my dreams.  There was considerable tweaking along the way, a few hiccups, several re-do’s (some easy, and some not-so), but in the end I have to think she is my perfect bike.  She fits me like a hand tailored Little Black Dress, for sure.  And yeah – she loves me back as much as I love her.

I love that she is a perfect mixture of function and aesthetics.  She rides like a dream, she is lovely to look at (and photograph, of course), she is a little sassy and a lot of serious; she will go the distance, yet has enough practicality for commuting and camera-toting adventures.

Each piece of her was thoughtfully and deliberately chosen, and I am very proud that most things were chosen from smaller and US-based independent designers – Chris King, Paul Components, White Industries, Bike Thomson,  Velo Orange, Sugar Wheel Works, and of course SweetPea.

Drivetrain selection ended up being one of the biggest headaches, and the biggest challenge in trying to put together a bike from across the country without seeing it.  Aesthetically, the Shimano group I originally had chosen ended up looking wrong.  In the end, at home, we stripped the Ultegra group and dressed her up with some divine Campagnolo – which is exactly what she needed (and will always take me back to the bike I rode in Italy).

We topped things off a Brooks Ladies saddle, a set of Pitlock locking skewers, a Light and Motion pairing of lights, and a very sweet Tubus Titanium rack which will will hold my wonderful custom designed and hand-sewn North St. convertible pannier (thank-you Curtis), the perfect custom home for my camera gear and other “stuffs” I schlepp around.  More about that bag to come; it’s amazing.  Still doing some decision-making on fenders (or not) … we’ll see.

So these are some of the first of what I am sure will be many, many glamour shots of Lucy – some of her beautiful details, and her charming RED personality.  She certainly won’t get lost in the landscape.

And speaking of  Lucys … for any of you old enough to remember, did you know that there was an old episode of the original I Love Lucy (i.e., Lucille Ball), where she convinces Ricky, Ethel and Fred to ride bikes from Italy to France?  I kid you not.  Lol.  The best part is the comedy of mishaps at the border crossing – and, of course, seeing Fred and Ethel on a tandem.  If you’re up for a dose of 50’s sitcom humor, it’s worth a watch (heheh) – viewable for streaming online here, or this clip on YouTube.

Posted by savaconta on June 8, 2012
  1. 06/8/2012

    I love that episode of I Love Lucy… of course, I was a ridiculously HUGE Lucy fan as a kid. 🙂

    Your Sweet Pea is absolutely gorgeous!!! I hope you have many happy years of riding her and continuing to take gorgeous photos.

  2. 06/8/2012

    Love the leather details on the bike – one sexy bike for sure! The I Love Lucy Show is great, especially when you just need a good belly laugh – ha! Have a Great Weekend!

  3. 06/8/2012

    I love her; she’s a beauty and worthy of so many photos! Congrats!

  4. 06/8/2012

    Your bike it beeeeeeeeeutiful!!!!!!! WOW!!!

    … but pssst, it’s Fred and Ethel not Ed 🙂

    • 06/8/2012

      Hah! Good catch – my mind and typing fingers are not always in sync. 😉

  5. 06/8/2012

    That’s a REALLY nice bike,my friend! 😀

    The DC

  6. 06/8/2012

    Gorgeous. Lucy looks like a pleasure to ride. And I love the build, especially the White Industries hubs. Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures together.

  7. 06/8/2012

    She’s a beauty!!! I’m giggling with happiness for you 🙂

  8. 06/8/2012

    This bike is pure amazing. I have a thing for red, too. What a beauty you have! Great photos, too.

    • 06/8/2012

      I just showed this to my partner and he loved it also! He found that exact seat and it is part of his dream bike! “Very nice.”

  9. 06/8/2012

    That crank is to die for! I can see hammered fenders if you must have them.I can feel your love for this bike. It’s good to take lots of photos before it becomes well used and grease filled. I didn’t know you could place specific sayings on the frame. It’s a dream come true for you, eh?

  10. 06/8/2012

    WOW! She’s a beauty, for sure! I enjoyed your loving description and wonderful photos of her! May you have many fun and exciting years with her!

  11. 06/8/2012

    There will be a significant breaking-in period where you can’t bring yourself to ride though muddy puddles and Lucy must be be polished after every ride!

    I have the same hubs on my do-it-all bike.

  12. 06/8/2012

    omg…she’s beautiful


  13. 06/8/2012

    what a beauty.
    great photography+posts. thx for sharing your perspective, been meaning to drop a note for sometime now.

  14. 06/8/2012

    Lucy is beautiful!

    My A-line looks completely different but I thought you might appreciate the view with fenders:

    Where I live, fenders only make sense. What I wasn’t prepared for was the beautiful “zing” when I detour off the asphalt or onto roads with a bit of gravel. That sounds is pure bliss!

    It looks like we were going for a somewhat similar aesthetic with the leather saddle and grips. Which reminds me, I need to take some new photos. The sproingy saddle wasn’t my thing and what I have now is now very similar to yours!

    Happy pedalling!

  15. 06/8/2012

    Oh my. Who wouldn’t love her?

  16. 06/9/2012

    What a wonderful bike! I envy you! Hope you’ll enjoy it a lot.
    Safe bicycling,

  17. 06/9/2012

    She is so lovely I am really envious … My ridgeback is very fine but she is not red and she doesn’t have a name … that says a lot

  18. 06/9/2012
    nicole marie story

    I love your blog!
    Just bought a new Carema by Novara for REI… it’s light powder puff blue and will be featured at my blog tomorrow. Gorgeous!

  19. 06/10/2012

    Love it!

  20. 06/12/2012

    That’s a gorgeous bike. I love my bike, but there’s nothing custom about it, so I love the personalization you’ve put into it. And now I definitely have to check out that episode of I Love Lucy!

  21. 06/15/2012

    I am SO intrigued by that custom pannier! Can’t wait to read more.

    Lucy’s a beauty, of course!

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