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her old bones

Day after day, year after year, I ride past an old grandmother.  She is greying and stooped, her old bones are weathered and tired – yet she is sill beautiful, even sacred.  At least to me.

For many years she stood … tall and proud, solid and steadfast, quiet and imposing, yet welcoming and kind.  She was a dependable storehouse, a nursery, a warm and fragrant embrace for man and animal.  She is a landmark, a sentinel, a piece of the landscape as much as any creek or any mountain.  She has seen many years, and she is filled with her own stories.




I have known her for only a small portion of her life.   I have tried to listen for her stories.  I have touched her bones.  I have felt her embrace.

When the tornadoes of April 2011 set upon her quiet valley, it was more than she could bear in her old age; she submitted and bowed down.  I confess that I cried when I first saw her afterwards.

Yet still, even in collapse, she sits; her skeletal remains are always a comfort to me when I ride near.  I stop.  I see her, decaying in her bones and stories, settling gently down in the quilt of her soft field.  Slowly, slowly, she sinks into the land, taking her stories with her.

She is an old grandmother.  She is most beloved.


Posted by savaconta on June 27, 2012
  1. 06/27/2012

    I identify with her so much but I haven’t fallen down yet! Great photos.

  2. 06/27/2012
    Nicole Marie Story

    gorgeous photography.
    the bicycle makes this look magical.
    bicycles tend to do that.

  3. 06/27/2012

    Lovely, lovely blog. Come see what I have been up to. 😉

  4. 06/27/2012

    Reblogged this on home, garden, life and commented:
    Prose poetry amid splendid photography.

    • 06/28/2012

      Thank you for your kind words and for the re-blog. Appreciate it! 😀

  5. 06/27/2012

    Beautiful Photos:) Have a Great Day!

  6. 06/28/2012

    I reread and again what a fine tribute to this wonderful structure. D.

  7. 06/28/2012

    I just love this…it’s an elegant tribute!

  8. 06/28/2012

    Another great post. Love your simple way of telling stories. My favorite shot is the third one, broadside of the barn with the shiny bike. Great contrast.

  9. 06/29/2012


  10. 07/3/2012

    What a great post; very poetic. And, of course, your pictures are wonderful. I think maybe we could learn how to age as well from her.

  11. 07/3/2012
    Jeff Shone

    Reblogged this on Close to the sun and commented:
    Super pictures and story telling. Please spend some time reading it, I know you will enjoy it.

  12. 07/3/2012
    Jeff Shone

    Love this post. You have a great imagination and lovely prose. Reblogged.

  13. 07/18/2012

    Beautiful photos and writing.

  14. 07/20/2012

    I love a rickety old shack… nicely captured!

  15. 07/28/2012

    Great shots. I love the shot of the building with the bike in the snow.

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