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riding toward year-end


Hard to believe it is December.  Even harder to believe when the temperatures are in the 70’s (F).

Christmas decorations are on mailboxes, trees and houses as we pass by … in shorts and short sleeves.


The Sandhill Cranes have started to arrive on their annual migration.  Many of them won’t even continue on to places further south; huge numbers are now wintering here at our nearby Hiwassee Wildlife Refuge.

It all feels strange.  But I will enjoy the warm days on my bike, and on my back porch.  Snow and cold feel like some kind of fantasy.


Posted by savaconta on December 3, 2012
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  1. 12/9/2012

    Very beautiful cranes. Our area is very different…with cold dry air and snow off and on. I’m sure we’ll get whacked in a few days with snow. For Christmas it would be lovely. But that’s all I prefer.

    I was cycling today at -14 degrees C (which is 5 degrees F) with a windchill of -22 degrees C. At least it was sunny…but I was glad to have hot chocolate and shortbread cookie at a new light rail transit station opneing today when I got there.

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