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I appreciate and read all of your comments, and try to respond to all inquiries through the site.


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  1. 01/27/2010
    simon burgess

    Hi– Thanks for the comment on SutterCal– I am very flattered and delighted you like the picture— you would be more than welcome to have a full resolution jpeg…

    let me know you e-mail & I’ll hapily send it through



    • 01/27/2010

      Simon … you are too kind; I am in love with that photo and would really like to have it printed & framed for my home if you are ok with this (and your name will be on it)? Again, I would be more than happy to purchase it from you in some way … it just takes my breath away.

      My email is … Many, many thanks, and I am so inspired by your work. Cassi

  2. 04/1/2010

    Hi! Thanks for your comment — hope you’re enjoying day 1 of 30 Days of Biking!

  3. 04/20/2010

    Hello! I notice your work through and was wondering what you think about the Canon 7D model? Reason why I am asking is because I am looking into that or the Mark IV. Right now, I am currently using the 5d mark II and love it; however my back up the 50d isn’t having the color and the focus like it used to. Other than that I do like your work to that you post up on your site!
    Take care,
    Nick S.

  4. 05/2/2010
    Mary Lou Justason

    Hi, Cassi,

    I have been sending emails to your padulagirl e-mail so maybe they have been going into cyberspace. I will use this one from now on.

    Mary Lou

  5. 07/31/2010

    WOW!! Freakin cool, YOU ROCK! Love your trailer-n-yak settup! Have you ever done any touring? I have a big trip coming up in spring and have never done any! Would love to pick your brain if you have.
    I saw your BF / hubby/ works at the “Y”, I was a Member Services Director with a large Y in our area for quite a while (for me anyway).
    Anyway, I can’t wait to dive into this site more, so so cool. AMAZING photography! All I want to do is wander, explore, photograph!! LOL You are an inspiration! (I know thats not all you do, but you certainly seem to find a way to do a bit of it with the rest of life!)

    • 07/31/2010

      Thanks Porkchop (Doug) … (and always wondered how you ended up with that name?!). I think you take the prize with photography, I am always in awe, but thank you. I, too, would love to spend my life wandering, biking, exploring, etc. – for now, I goof off as much as my life/responsibilities allow. What kind of trip are you taking? Bike touring? We’ve done some … nothing too epic. Yet. If you have any questions, I may or may not be able to help, but feel free to email me. And regarding the Y, my sons work at our local one (as lifeguards/aquatics staff); my husband is a “corporate type” for someone else. ;). Best to you – see you on SC.

  6. 08/4/2010
    David Little

    Cassie, Thanks for the great website and all the beautiful pictures. I cannot imagine the time spent putting all this up for the world to enjoy! I think it will inspire many to examine their lifestyles and explore alternate forms of transportation and living.

    • 08/4/2010

      Thank you David – such kind words. 🙂 Are you in TN by chance? Used to know a Tim Little in Memphis area…. Happy Wednesday!

  7. 08/5/2010
    Elena Culcer

    I love the bike but I am looking for another battery to have on the other side. Could you please help me out to where I can order one or find one in a store. Thank you for you’re time and patience.


    • 08/29/2010

      Elena – sorry I missed this earlier. You can check either the EZip or IZip websites under parts and accessories for another battery. Good luck.

  8. 08/8/2010
    David Little

    Hey Cassi,
    Great meeting you on the Greenway…it’s refreshing to know there are others seeking alternative forms of transportation and an active lifestyle that helps preserve our environment rather than pollute it! Your pics and site are wonderful! You and your site could well serve as the needed inspiration for others to begin an exciting journey! Keep it going!

  9. 05/3/2011
    Dawn Kenton

    Dear Cassie,

    Thanks for enlightening all of us to the devestation and personal destruction in your area. So glad that you and your family are all safe. My prayers are with you and all who are suffering through this and doing what they can to help others.

  10. 01/15/2012

    Hi Cassie,

    Love the idea of going all bike; a challenge here in Minneapolis, of course, is the winter. My friend bikes much of the winter to work, but not every day due to Arctic blasts and dangerous ice. Your blog is inspirational. Thanks!

  11. 03/2/2012

    You take beautiful photos! Thank you for keeping such an awesome blog – I absolutely love bicycles, and Elisabetta is a beauty. I’ll be stopping by often, keep up the posts!

  12. 03/12/2012

    Congrats! has nominated your site for a Sunshine Award: Cheers!

  13. 05/17/2012

    Hi Cassie,

    I LOVE your blog. I’m into cycling and photography and love the way you have combined your two interests. Your photos are fantastic. I used to live in the country in Victoria Australia and my ride to work each day was a beautiful 50 km round trip along a river. Great thinking or unwinding time except when I had to dodge the nesting magpies divebombing at my head! Now I love in Melbourne and still commute to work but its through city traffic so not quite as relaxing. I live on a fanmous bike strip, Beach Rd St. Kilda. Beach Rd becomes a virtual bike track each weekend as about 15,000 cyclists ride along it. The Council has just restricted car parking on the roadside from 6.00 – 10.00 am on the weekend which means that cyclists don’t have to fight quite so hard with the cars for road space. Most people ride in groups so its a great social activity. I usually do about 60 km with lovely group of women on a Sunday morning. Its great to connect with other cyclists around the world!


    • 05/17/2012

      Thank you for the very kind words, Kay … I am grateful. Sounds like you live in a wonderful and lovely place, and I will check out your site very soon. Great to connect with you as well. 🙂

  14. 01/17/2013
    Memet Remzi

    Hello there,
    I have been following yoour blog for the past few months and I will miss it. While I did like the bicycle content you have a way of making something ordinary very unordinary. Your photos are an art form that I will miss. They make you want to ride your bike. Thank you for the good times.
    While you are giving up blogging I am giving up reading bloggs as I want to actually do some of the things I have been reading about, instead of living through others. Thnks again for helping an old man remember the pleasure of the bicycle.

  15. 03/28/2013

    i enjoyed reading your blogs and think your photo’s are great. i have begun keeping more of my travel notes in a small moleshem journal. i am just beginning to use the wordpress theme and can’t believe how powerful it is and how you can reach some many like minded people. keep up the good work!

  16. 06/7/2013

    Grat idea and beautiful pictures. Nice template btw.

    Greetings DN

  17. 04/28/2014

    Greetings, I recently discovered your site and am truly enjoying the pics, blogs and your journeys. I’m attempting to convince a photographer who’s in St. Paul, Mn. to hit the roads with me for six months. I’m usually on my own and just haul my bike into wherever I can to camp. If I have a partner I’ll need some easier locations for camping. Do you know of any great resources for Free campsites that are mostly road bike friendly? I use the Dispersed camping resources but quite often the roads are made for MTB/CX bikes.
    thx, mykel in AZ

  18. 07/24/2016

    You are one interesting lady I like to meet. You write well. Bike well and shoot well and almost everything well. I really like those black and white photos of bicycles and have downloaded to use it as my desktop wallpaper for inspiration. It captures a time frozen in one moment and passing in another. It is amazing. I am looking for a tour bike too, to hope that one day I am able to let go of city life and ride till the very end…


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