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conversations with holsteins (day 31) ;)

drooling over my camera (literally) ūüėČ

And just when you thought I was all done …….

Apparently out of habit I had to ride today. ¬†A little bit rainy, but again – there were rewards. ¬†Some great conversations with Holsteins along the way. ¬†Nice little ride before all of the bad weather moves in. ¬†I don’t know why I have such a fascination with these cows, but they are so sweet and gentle, I just can’t help myself.

up close and personal

the Cow Chronicles continue ... Day 31

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#30daysofbiking Day 20: a lesson in the rain

in the mist

I learned a lesson today. ¬†Woke up this morning to rain, and since I really had nowhere that I had to be, I stayed in – catching up with work in the house, and hoping the rain might pass eventually, thinking I’d go out for a ride when it did. ¬†And it never did.

I don’t mind – and actually often enjoy – riding in the rain, but can’t say I intentionally go out in it just to ride. ¬†I have decent rain gear, and if I have to be somewhere, I usually don’t let rain stop me. ¬†I’ve been caught in the rain – unexpectedly. ¬†But I can’t say I’ve ever decided. “Hey, it’s raining – I’m going out for a ride!”

a puddle of pollen - washed from the air

But of course, this being #30daysofbiking – I knew I was going out in it, whether I really wanted to or not. ¬†By late afternoon, when things still hadn’t cleared up, I decided to just go. ¬†Had my rain gear, packed my camera in my waterproof Ortlieb, and decided to ride my mountain/commuter bike because it had fenders and I didn’t care how filthy it got. ¬†I was prepared for a dreary, wet slog, and had decided ahead of time where my turn-around point would be.

The surprise was on me. ¬†It was divine. ¬†The rain dwindled down to a pleasant drizzle, the air was incredibly still and quiet, and smelled so fresh and clean. ¬†Mist was hanging over the hills, leaves were dripping. ¬†It was one of the most serene experiences I’ve ever had on my bike. ¬†When I got to my turn-around point, I knew I wasn’t going to turn back as planned. ¬†I stayed out in it. ¬†Gladly.

I think most of my rainy day rides have been commuting – in town, in traffic. ¬†A few times we’d been caught in showers biking trips (Grayson Highlands, VA, and the New River Trail come to mind). ¬†But riding out on a quiet local road – just to ride, in the rain – was something I probably would never have thought to do, had it not been for my commitment to #30daysofbiking.

What a wonderful lesson #30daysofbiking taught me today.  Ride every day Рyou never know what you might be missing.

dandelions: just as beautiful when wet

#30daysofbiking Day 16: two-fer

always cows

One of the things I love most about cycling is the variety of things I get to see – often stuff I would never notice if travelling in car. ¬†Sometimes it borders on the “most unusual” (more on that later), and sometimes the simply ordinary. ¬†But riding in rural Tennessee, there is never a shortage of cattle in the landscape. ¬†Lots and lots of cattle.

I call this my official "rides-with-Holsteins" attire... I think the cows like that I make an attempt to blend in. ūüėČ

Today I had two short-ish rides. ¬†First a solo road ride close to home, along one of my favorite roads with plenty of green pasture and grazing Holsteins. ¬†Typical lovely sunny day out in the country, until I had quite the (hilarious) surprise. ¬†Let’s just say as I was riding by one of the few houses along the road, I apparently startled a man who was out sunbathing – and I’m not so sure he was even minimally clothed, judging by the way he grabbed his towel and made a dash for his back door. ¬†I’m not saying it wasn’t a little pervy, but honestly, I found it pretty hilarious. ¬†I think he was genuinely mortified, and I really didn’t see much other than a flash of tan buttocks. ¬†Maybe it was just a tan Speedo? ūüėČ ¬†I don’t think anyone driving by would have ever noticed him … but simply because I was travelling slower than your average car, well, let’s just say it was quite a surprise! LOL.

Mark got home from a week’s travel, and we headed over to our favorite Mexican spot for dinner. ¬†They’ve recently started bringing in a Mariachi Band on Friday nights, so we had some music along with our dinner. ¬†They were actually not too bad … and quite genial guys, turning to let me take a few pictures. ¬†(Not sure why I had my camera in my bag, but I did.)

Las Margaritas - Mariachi Band

The evening was so nice that I talked Mark into a short low-key ride just up our road. Slow and casual ride, beautiful evening, more cows.  Kids playing ball at the little league field.  (No naked men anywhere Рlol).

Tomorrow starts the annual mulch-a-thon around our house. ¬†The boys and their band are playing at a small venue in Chattanooga in the evening. ¬†Hoping to find some time to squeeze in a ride… not going to miss a day.

low key evening ride close to home

last cow of the day

#30daysofbiking Day 10: indecision

apple blossom time

Happy Saturday. ¬†Lots of things to do today … so many, in fact, that I couldn’t really make up my mind where to start, what to do. ¬†Spent the morning with household chores, and Grant and I debated heading down to Chattanooga for the Green Festival in Coolidge Park. ¬†After some indecision, we scrapped the idea. ¬†Then considered riding into town, a quick trip to the grocery store and a ride on the greenway … but also scrapped that plan.

Eventually opted for a road ride close to home. ¬†Another day of perfect cycling weather – lovely temps, little wind, lots of sun. ¬†So many trees and flowers are in full bloom that the pollen count is getting crazy. ¬†Great for bees – not so great for humans (or at least for me and my seasonal allergies). But the scent and color of the apple trees is heavenly! ¬†I just can’t resist being out in it.

Day 10: bike, cows, and lush green spring pasture ... ūüėÄ

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