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small change

I leave on my bicycle and often think: same roads, same fences, same old barns, same bike, same me … nothing changes.

And then I open my eyes and realize that nature, the natural world, is changing all around me.  Beautifully.  From minute, to day, to week, to season.

The same road is different each day in small and subtle ways.  It is all the change I need.

big picture, little picture

the big picture ~ #330daysofbiking, Day 149

It’s all a matter of perspective, sometimes.  How often do we heard someone say, “Don’t get bogged down in the small stuff, the little details – remember the big picture.”  Good advice in many circumstances, yet sometimes the beauty is in the detail, the small stuff.

I love the perspective that riding a bike gives me.  The wide open space, the big picture, the chance to open my mind and let go.  But at the same time, I also love the distraction of the small details – the fact that the flowers on the side of the road are defined to my eye, down to the petals, and not just a blur of yellow (or blue or red).  I can notice the grashopper crossing the road, avoid the wooly caterpillar slinking along the shoulder.   I like being absorbed in the detail, the small stuff … even when the big picture surrounds me.

Sometimes you can’t fully appreciate the big picture without first seeing the little ones.

grasshopper crossing ~ #330daysofbiking, Day 149

the stuff that makes me sneeze ~ #330daysofbiking, Day 149

#330daysofbiking Day 73: day of girl

bike, skirt, pink pedicure

Day of much “girliness”.  Swam in the early morning, went to the dentist for a teeth cleaning, and then rode errands and pampered my feet and toes with a pedicure.  Pink.  🙂

Some days I really love just riding around in a skirt and “girl clothes”.  A slower pace, for sure, and there is a certain skill involved  – the right skirt, the ability to keep it from blowing around too much – but I love the feeling of a skirt swishing against my legs as I pedal, and arriving places looking more feminine than, well … athletic?  I know the two can go hand in hand, but typical bike apparel – shorts, tights, etc. – just doesn’t have the quite same feeling, especially when I’m running around town on errands. And as one of my twitter friends said, “we work hard for these legs, sometimes it’s nice to show them off in a dress (skirt).”  LOL.

Came home and took some photos of some little white butterflies that have been hanging around the flowers off of our front porch.  Good grief.  Next thing you know, I’ll be posting rainbows, unicorns and My Pretty Ponies ….. (time to take the skirt off.)

flowers and butterflies ... oh brother 😛