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milestones and gravestones



365 days of ShutterCal ... it (nearly) killed me, lol ūüėČ


Today marks a bit milestone for me – I have just completed Day 365 of my 365-photo project on ShutterCal. ¬†For anyone not familiar, it basically involves shooting and uploading one photo a day for an entire year … much more challenging than you could ever imagine, trust me. ¬†(OK, well, for me anyway …).

Long before I started #30daysofbiking and #330daysofbiking, I started this little goal-setting photo project. ¬†And while I really don’t understand what compells me to do this kind of stuff (???!), because it often drives me (and my family) crazy, I have to admit that I ultimately manage to take away so much more than I contribute. ¬†I guess that is the answer to the previous question?

Contemplating this 365-day photo odyssey, I can say that ShutterCal …

  • taught me what all of the buttons on my DSLR do, and how to use them (somewhat competently, anyway)
  • introduced me to some incredibly talented, kind and amazing photographers – who did everything to keep me motivated, especially on the lame days
  • considerably shortened the lifespan of my camera (a good thing?)
  • made me covet “good glass” like a cyclist covets carbon fiber (or an Xtracycle ;))
  • made me crazy
  • made me look at everyday things in new ways
  • made me consider how many ways there are to shoot a bicycle (and frustrated me while trying to come up with new ways)
  • through the act of “doing”, taught me more about photography than any book, class, or workshop ever could
  • made me crazy
  • likely instilled a love-hate relationship with bicycles and old barns among most of my ShutterCal friends
  • made me use a camera even when I didn’t want to
  • introduced me to many Holsteins
  • made me crazy(er)

I am now contemplating where to go from here.  Stop or continue?  Since this has become almost habit-bordering-on-addiction, I will probably continue on for a while.  I wonder which will give out first Рme, or my camera?  Lol.

Meanwhile, wishing everyone a happy and spooky Halloween … and leaving you with a few Halloween-y shots. ¬†Boo.



the very first day of my ShutterCal adventure - Day 1: Xtracycle pumpkin (2009)



in town; some people are very talented (at creeping me out) - #330daysofbiking, Day 187



#330daysofbiking Day 192 - riding past old cemeteries; Martha Smith (1833-1907)



Xtracycle, headstones, Lensbaby ... sometime over the summer, #330daysofbiking



ShutterCal Day 341 ... the colors of the day


#330daysofbiking Day 47: forgotten

not forgotten

I think my Xtracycle had been feeling a bit forgotten lately.  My favorite (organic, local) grocery store closed their doors last winter, and I am now forced to shop at the nasty chain store  Рwhich is farther from home, and a more difficult ride (from a traffic/route standpoint).  My grocery runs by bicycle have been more infrequent, sadly Рand less often by bicycle.  I need to figure out a way to change this.

Tonight I took my beautiful bike just out for a ride – no hauling involved. ¬†It’s such a lovely bike to ride; a perfect fit, that smooth, comfortable ride of a steel frame.

Ended up stopping at the old Baptist cemetery nearby, once again. ¬†Rain clouds were rolling in, and the light was eerily beautiful against the old headstones. ¬†Some of the markers are fascinating to read. ¬†Some are so worn and aged that they can’t even be identified. ¬†I know I probably sound quite goofy with my fascination over old graveyards, but they always intrigue me. ¬†Calculating the ages, trying to imagine what the world was like when the person was alive, the records of entire families. ¬†I get caught up in the history, and I’m sometimes saddened by some of the old forgotten, broken markers. ¬†I always tell myself that next time, I am going to bring some flowers along – for the forgotten ones. ¬†Next time.