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utilitaire 10 of 12: a-go-go

Riding across the Riverside Drive glass bridge in Chattanooga always gives me an imaginary sense of victory(?) over cars.  I love standing on that bridge with my bike and looking down at the cars driving underneath; I am looming over them for a change (even it it’s only in my mind…).

Today’s destination was number 12 on the Utilitaire control card: to get my hair cut.  My once-a-month-or-so trip to Chattanooga to visit my stylist, Chris, at Hair-A-Go-Go gives me a chance to ride into the city on the Riverwalk.

I will confess, I have to drive (shame on me!) to the northern terminus of the Riverwalk from home; but living about 40+ mi outisde of the city, an 80-mile round trip would be a big stretch for a reasonable commuter distance for me. Sorry. This way, anyway, I cut a little off of my driving distance, and get to ride the  “scenic route” into downtown, and have some time to enjoy the destination.    I think the approximate distance from the north end of the path to the Bluff View Art District downtown is about 8 miles one way, so the round trip  makes  for a relaxing and comfortable ride which I almost always make on Elisabetta.

Got my haircut, stopped into the downtown art supply store for a new pen, and then lingered around Coolidge Park for a little while enjoying the incredible sunshine and the balmy temperatures.  I think we reached the mid-70’s.  Lots and lots of people were out, walking, biking, sitting on benches on the Walnut Street Bridge, enjoying picnics in the park.

Before heading back, I stopped to treat myself at Rembrand’s Coffee House in the Art District.  I was in the mood for one of their blackberry Italian Cream Sodas …  it was heavenly, especially on the warm day.  I am not exactly sure what makes it “Italian” (because I don’t remember ever seeing anything like this in Italy), but it is basically blackberry syrup, soda water, and some cream – yes, real cream – over ice.  Not something to indulge in on a regular basis, but for an occasional treat, I shall have no guilt over it(!).

My hair is back to it’s short and trimmed state, my journal enjoyed the sun and the park (if not my attempts with the new pen), and I am still imagining the sweetness of blackberries and cream.  A few scenes from the day … and a big thank you to the very kind new friends who have visited these pages from today’s Freshly Pressed; it was an unexpected surprise, and I am quite bowled over by the kind words and responses.  Many thanks.

buying pens

playing with new pens

Chattanooga has a thriving hipster population  … Riverwalk

Scenic City bridges … Coolidge Park

#330daysofbiking Day 84: cows and cool

in the cool evening

Fairly productive day, although feeling like I am sounding like a broken record lately…

My rather skewed idea of a productive day:

  • swam (in the morning)
  • sheared Elmer the goat (with the help of Matt and Grant)
  • took Grant to get his hair sheared off (thank you, Donna)
  • made the mango-jalapeno ice cream (with the help of Matt and Grant); recipe needs revision
  • helped Mark with the mowing
  • took an evening ride on the Xtracycle (with cows)
  • wrote this lame-o post, and got my ShutterCal pic posted

It is a silly life I lead some (most) days…

The things that will have to wait for another day: reading, paddling, a test ride with the new bicycle/boat trailer, catching up on email/notes I owe to people, groceries.  And a nap in the hammock. 😀

Mostly, I am thanking the weather gods for the cooler evening temperatures; what an incredible difference to ride with a cool engine.  And @blueallez, the cows say “hey” (or “hay”?) –  and also made a few suggestions for the ice cream recipe revision…

a very cool bike (lol)

a cooler Elmer, shearing day - Matt holding the "handlebars"

a "cooler" Grant: last week he lost his appendix, this week he lost his hair 😉

de-coat the goat

One more before-and-after – this one from the Funny Farm and shearing The Hairy One.

Before: badly in need of a haircut

Before: Remember these guys? Badly in need of a haircut!

After: (Elmer) shedding the 12 lb. mohair coat ... aaaahhh; that feels good!

After: (Elmer) shedding the 12 lb. mohair coat ... aaaahhh; that feels good!

OK, I am no pro at shearing – in fact, I’m pretty bad at it – but I can basically get the job done.  With some help holding the “handles” (i.e., horns) during the process.

Since a few have asked – Elmer (and the former Ruby Pearl) are Angora goats.  The fiber they produce, however, is not angora – it’s mohair.  In the past I have had some of the fleeces spun into some very lovely yarn.  But the truth is – it’s not worth the expense and hassle (the fleece is a nasty pain to wash/clean, and the spinery I used had a very lengthy turn around time and was awfully expensive).  In the end, unless I decided to buy a spinning wheel and do it myself (nope), I can typically buy finished mohair yarn cheaper than what I can have made from our own fleece.

I had also sent some of the longest and curliest cleaned locks to a friend in MO who did some brilliant Santa Claus sculptures.  I got a couple of really neat Santas out of the deal.

Cleaned fleece and the mohair yarn (un-dyed and dyed)

Cleaned fleece and the mohair yarn (un-dyed and dyed)

A final fiber fact … Angora goats produce mohair.  And Angora rabbits produce – yep, you guessed it – angora.  (We have one of those too.  But sorry, no Angora yarn).

(And I promise – no more goofy non-bicycle stuff next post!)

Snoopy the Wonder Bunny (Angora), and Molly the Wonder Mutt (Westie)

Snoopy the Wonder-Bunny (Angora), and Molly the Wonder-Mutt (Westie); they're friends

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