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#330daysofbiking Day 100: one hundred

Let’s just say ¬†… I’ve been warned. ūüėČ

One hundred days of riding since April 1st … and feeling like 100’F out there (even though I think we officially topped out in the 90’s once again). ¬†Is this what are known as¬†dog days? ¬† I have to think so.

not quite ready for The Tour....

Everybody was off doing the things they do Рband stuff, summer jobs, business travel.  It was me, myself, and I once again.  I started the day on the Greenway early this morning, thinking it would be a change to take a run (which I like to do Рoccasionally).  But as I started off, I could tell it was already too hot for me; so I ended up walking.   I ran into two bike police-men, and maybe they actually were more fit than they looked, but they appeared to be kind of dragging in the heat.  Great to see them on bikes, but made me a little nervous, actually.  (Envisioning seeing one of them passing out from heat exhaustion/over-exertion :-0 ).

Watched the Tour during the heat of mid-day, and ended up riding later in the afternoon. ¬†Brought the Lensbaby along, because I like how it gives that kind of “melting-in-the-heat” feeling.

I’m not sure whether to consider this 100 day marker a milestone or not? ¬†Not quite one-third of the way there, but kind of an interesting feeling to know that I’ve managed to get this far – riding 100 of the past 106 days. ¬†Also pretty thrilled that my legs haven’t fallen off (yet)!

I actually think before the whole #30daysofbiking (and subsequent #330daysofbiking) began, I was riding ¬†nearly every day anyway – just never kept track, and probably avoided some of the bad weather/rainy days, I will admit. ¬†But now, after being out in heat, rain, thunderstorms, darkness – I guess I feel a bit more capable, and confident. ¬†Mentally, I like that I have seemed to eliminate the excuse-making element; I’m going out, no matter what.

So … Day 100 pictures with that melted-popsicle feeling that the Lensbaby is so good at – just the usual: cows, barns, fencelines. ¬†You know by now. ¬†After 100 days, some things just don’t change, do they? ¬†ūüėČ

the simple beauty


red gate

#330daysofbiking Day 83: in search of shade

So, this morning I had the brilliant idea that a nice long-ish road ride was in order. ¬†Got the Monday morning mountain of laundry out of the way early, and even though the outside thermometer was creeping quickly towards 90’F, I figured what the heck – how bad could it be?

Oh, my stupid, stupid ideas…….

It started out well enough. ¬†But after about an hour out, I realized that stopping to take any more pictures was a heat-stroke wish. ¬†Out of water, bottle of Nuun completely drained, getting beyond typical sweaty-ness to that, well … something along the lines of a hot lobster feeling. ¬†Skin starts feeling prickly, face is flushed, the start of a headache. ¬†Basically, a whole lot of miserable. I’ve never functioned very well in high temperatures, and although I try to pre-hydrate as much as possible and drink plenty along the way, I know when enough is enough. ¬†Time to head in.

Appears we were about 2-3 degrees short of record high temperature for this date – last report I heard was high of 94’F, heat index of 102’F. ¬†Basically, pretty stinky for cycling – at least for me; my internal cooling system appears to be somewhat defective. ¬†Lesson learned.

too hot to stop for very long (White Oak Valley)

finding shade near a farm