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day 1 of the next 25 years


“holding hands”


Yesterday was our 25th wedding anniversary.   There were beautiful flowers, heartfelt messages and cards, and a lovely romantic dinner, reminiscent of our trip to Italy… yet how does one even begin to write meaningful post about something like this, without sounding like a smarmy greeting card?  I had to leave that to my beloved partner, friend and husband – Mark.  He sent me an email early this morning:

Happy Day 1 of the next 25 years!

Yes.  Just ….. yes. 🙂

As we near Thanksgiving, and celebrate this personal milestone, I am reminded of how beautiful my life is, that I am well-loved by an amazing and inspiring family, and that I can think of no person I would rather continue on this journey with than my husband Mark.

A very happy Day 1.


25 years later... (Steamboat Springs, CO - March 2010)

the center of my universe - my family (Washington DC by bike, October 2008)


#30daysofbiking Day 11: birthday boy

happy birthday, baby!

Today was my husband Mark’s 50th birthday – WOOT!  Older and better I say. 😀  Kind of hard to grasp that we have been together for more than half of our lives… One thing is for sure, I wouldn’t change a single thing.

We had our family celebration together last weekend – when all the boys were home.  So today was kind of anticlimactic … we just planned to hand around home, get a few things done and have a nice ride, dinner and a movie.

Another one of those days that didn’t go quite as planned.  Mark and Grant played a little tennis in the morning, then we did some yardwork.  And then came what was supposed to have been a brief – oh, one hour at most – home improvement project: installing a new electronic door lock … all my idea, of course. Which, like many home projects doesn’t go as planned and turned into close to 3 hours of aggravation.   (And as of this morning, it is still not working as it should).  Wasted far too much time messing with this thing, but finally decided to head out for a birthday ride.

It was definitely the best decision of the day. 😀  Had a great late-afternoon road ride, just the two of us.  Nice dinner out on the porch, and a relaxing movie at home afterwards.  Happy birthday, sweetheart!

the birthday boy ... Mr. Fit-Healthy-and-Fifty!

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