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#330daysofbiking & back on home turf

Xtracycle evening … #330daysofbiking Day 169

Finally … nothing Italian. ūüėČ

#330daysofbiking has continued – missing the gelato stops and getting lost within small villages, but with beautiful Tennessee autumn weather, cooler temperatures, boys home for Fall Break(s), cruising the Riverwalk in Chattanooga, and on the road with the “fast” boys. ¬†Riding for fun, and riding to get the job done (errands, groceries, library, bike shop).

And some important news from coming via our friend Jeff … If you live and ride in TN, or plan to visit and ride, please take a moment to participate in a quick 9-question survey from the folks at TDOT on the state’s bicycle and pedestrian program. ¬†TDOT wants to hear from you! (And by October 30th please … my apologies for getting this posted so late.)

Although a couple of days were lost in transit (Italy), #330daysofbiking count is still on target.  As of today, have ridden 189 of the past 208 days,with 159 days remaining.  And so it goes.

(Coming soon … tales of a new city bike, “Elisabetta”. ūüôā Photos and details to come; stay tuned.)



the "fast" boys ... #330daysofbiking Day 175



the crunch of leaves ... #330daysofbiking Day 178



Fall Break ... #330daysofbiking Day 182



bicycle "gang" (heh heh) on the Riverwalk, Chattanooga ... #330daysofbiking Day 183



Irony: picking up a (car) bicycle rack - by bicycle ... #330daysofbiking Day 187


#330daysofbiking Day 78: resilience

despite circumstances, he keeps it light and keeps it funny (Grant)

A couple of days of pure crazy … and a good lesson in parenting and the incredible resilience of kids.

On Sunday, when I last rode and posted, Grant had been at home – said his stomach was bothering him. ¬†He didn’t seem to be overly sick, just a bit lethargic, and we assumed he was fighting a bug or had eaten something that hadn’t agreed with him. ¬†After four kids and about 20 years of dealing with childhood illnesses, colds, flu and the like (even though relatively infrequent), it just didn’t feel like any big cause for concern – especially with a 15 year old, who was capable of articulating how he was feeling.

On Monday morning, Mark and Dillon headed down to Georgia for a two-day college orientation session, and I stayed behind – Grant was still feeling sick. ¬†He had a slight fever, but still complained that his stomach was hurting – through the middle, very general, not in any specific spot. ¬†Since his temp wasn’t coming down he had passed the 24-hour mark and didn’t seem to be improving, we finally decided to head to the doctor, just to have him checked out.

After examination and then some bloodwork, the doctor came told us he was admitting us directly to the hospital – all signs indicated a pretty hot appendix, and it needed to be removed as soon as possible. ¬†And so it went …

just admitted, his room in the pediatrics wing - complete with bears on the wallpaper (lol)

The surgery went just fine, although the surgeon reported to us later that the appendix had been in pretty bad shape Рpartially gangrenous, rather nasty, but fortunately no indication of rupture or perforation; we had gotten him in just in time.  In any case, even after cleaning things out well, he wanted to keep a close eye on Grant for any possible infection.  Dosed him up well with antibiotics and then a little waiting game for his temperature to come down, and confirmation of a healthy recovery.

Of course, as a parent, I can’t help feeling a slight sense of guilt, justly or not – the self-questioning, the “why did I wait so long before taking him in?” ¬†I was rather shocked that even though he didn’t outwardly seem to be very sick, inside things were so quickly becoming dangerous, toxic. ¬†And relieved that I hadn’t waited any longer.

Today, back at home, things are going very well. ¬†Youth coupled with the amazing healing ability of the body (and some good medical care). ¬†Mostly, we’ve all been a bit exhausted after the past few days – spent a large part of the day napping, watching Wimbledon, and just feeling grateful. ¬†Took a quick ride up the road in the afternoon, but just couldn’t do any more.

Grateful for all of the friends who sent notes and checked in. ¬†Grateful for today, and health and wellness, home and rest … Looking forward to an even better tomorrow, and back on the bike, back to normal (whatever that is).

home, Wimbledon, and the purple furry guy (a Phil Barbato creation)

@330daysofbiking Day 71: river & ride

the end of the day

The ride came at the end … again. ¬†Another solo road ride, post-late-afternoon-thunderstorms. ¬†The roads were damp, steam rising from the heated pavement. ¬†Fields are lush and green. ¬†The air was just starting to cool, no winds. ¬†Lovely.


Spent the day on the river with the boys and friends, paddling the upper Hiwassee.  It was the perfect hot day to spend on the cool river Рthe water is amazingly chill, coming down from the mountains.  It was great to be on the river on a Monday; we had it basically to ourselves, very few others out on the water.  A few fly fishermen, one or two other paddlers, our group. Nice.

Plenty of silliness … getting stuck on rocks, navigating the rapids backwards more than once, paddle-splash wars, sailor hats, the landing at “goose-poop island”. LOL. ¬†Plenty of sun till the very end, when the late-afternoon storms started to pop up. ¬†Mexican food for dinner, and then some music by the boys. Good times.

A few pictures from the day … ahh, summer.

something out of Gilligan's Island??

Leslie ... complete confidence

Matt & Grant ... amazingly NOT backwards

the beautiful upper Hiwassee River

#330daysofbiking Day 36: bike jerseys & prom dresses

senior year, prom friends

Today was one of those milestone moments … The Prom. ¬†Dillon and his friends – the class of 2010 – had their last big school event before graduation next week – complete with pretty girls, yards of tulle and sequins, and typical high school goofing around. ¬†They are an amazing group of kids, and it was wonderful to see them celebrating the moment. ¬†I, of course, took a few gazillion pictures …

After the day-long preparation and hoopla, they all left for the big event, and I got to go out for a beautiful evening ride with my college boys, Mason and Ross. ¬†So much fun to ride with them – and they are gracious enough to let me decide the pace. ¬†(Otherwise, I know they would leave me behind in a flash! ūüėČ

No much more to say … just ending the day with a few of the picture moments.

evening ride with the boys

a stop at the old barn

a "senior moment" ūüėČ

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