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#330daysofbiking Day 97: the little things


Sometimes it’s the little things that catch your eye while riding – a flower growing out of the asphalt, a caterpillar crossing the road, a toy that was dropped out of a car.  This evening it was just weeds along the road – backlit by the sinking sun, illuminated, glowing.

I had wanted to get out for a road ride today, but rain (and pile of laundry) kept me housebound until later in the day.  We had really needed the rain, though – and I definitely needed to attack Col du DirtyLaundry.   Eventually the skies cleared and I got out on the Xtracycle for a spin on the back roads.  Just looking at the little things.

the X - a la Lens Baby; Jim (@bikerly), you NEED one! 🙂

#330daysofbiking Day 41: graduation day

There was a ride today … but the day was not about bikes or biking.  Today was graduation day for Dillon.  And since this is my cyber real estate to squander as I please, today is is about him.  He’s an amazing, kind, considerate, dependable and incredibly talented young man – son, brother, friend, and student. And anyone who knows him will verify that my words are not just parental bias.

High school graduation is always a special milestone, and today was definitely a celebration of Dillon’s hard work over the past four years.  Today he was recognized as Salutatorian of his graduating class, and delivered a moving and articulate speech.  Of course we were teary.  And tremendously proud.  And in awe, really.  But mostly, it was great to see how loved and respected  he is by his classmates, friends and teachers.  It’s been a wonderful journey so far – and it’s barely even begun.

There is so much I could try to say about the love and admiration I have for all of my boys, but I don’t think I would ever be able to find the right words.  So – for now I will just share a few pictures of this amazing and wonderful day…  We love you, Dillon.

Anyone who knows him will say that he is one of the most self-effacing and unpretentious kids you could ever meet - which is what makes this shot so amusing

Dillon & Tim - heel kick in the hall

(And yes - there was actually a brief ride today with the Lens Baby)

#330daysofbiking Day 37: cinderella for the day

Mason's Roubaix, a la Lens Baby

Today was Mother’s Day.  I loved this weekend.  Everybody home, I was treated like a queen. The guys took care of all of the yardwork, the laundry, the dishwashing, and even brought me delicious lattes each morning.  They even took care of sorting through and storing all of the “dorm stuff” recently brought home – which was quite a pile.  Spoiled, yes I was!  And loving every minute.  It was just so nice to be able to kick back and do some of the things I wanted to do, and not have to worry about the things I should be doing.  So –  Mark (especially) and boys (if you are reading), it was wonderful treat and a perfect Mother’s Day gift, and I thank you! 😀

Other perk of the day was getting to ride with the boys again, and playing around with the camera – and Lens Baby.  Kind of an odd thing to work with, and a pretty definite learning curve – or a who-knows-what-you-will-get surprise.  .

The boys and I took another late ride, not very far from home.  Mason decided to take a detour and added on a few miles, but Ross and I just pedaled together, chatted, and looked at cows.   Played with the camera of course – and since I was still in cinderella mode, the boys were very accomodating and let me mess around with some biking shots.   The temperatures were pretty cool today – a change from the past week – but beautiful for riding.

So, it’s nearing midnight and I guess my reign is over … Great while it lasted!

Lens Baby randomness

my Lens Baby "babies" 😉