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excuse the dust

Friends … I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful Christmas and are now looking forward to celebrating the new year.

I just wanted to let you know that I am currently doing a “renovation” of my blog (perfect timing, eh?); hoping to bring a fresh format, better for photo viewing, and an expanded menu.  I am hoping that the “fresh face” will offer some needed improvements, and a better viewing experience for you.   I am afraid that the learning curve for some of the changes I intend to make may cause a slight headache for those of you receiving email updates.  Please forgive me if you receive several photo post updates – these are being published to enable several galleries within the site.  Sorry.

Some of the format-related changes appear to be a little “twitchy” during the conversion, and for this I apologize; it’s largely due to migrating old content.   New material and posts shouldn’t have as much of a problem.  You may see some changes if viewing on an iPad or mobile device … unfortunately, it’s part of the trade-off to moving into an expanded theme.

So please bear with me for the next few days as I work through this.  If I make the entire thing crash and burn, well … at least I warned you(?).  I hope you will enjoy the new things to come  (keep your fingers crossed).