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riding & local economy

Old house; White Oak Valley Road

Old house; White Oak Valley Road - March 10, 2009


Old house gets some TLC - July 1, 2009

The weather humidity is down and the morning temps have cooled off.  Had a nice ride this morning with Mason.  Along the way, we always pass this old house and farm.  Earlier this year (March ’09) it appeared someone had decided to do some renovating – action I was delighted to see, as I love when beautiful old homes are saved and restored rather than being destroyed for new construction.  To me, preservation shows a different kind of vision and appreciation.

This morning as we rode by, it made me smile to see the transformation that has taken place over the past few months.  The place is looking lovely.  Maybe not entirely authentic (vinyl siding aside), but true to original architecture and detail for the most part.  I was tempted to stop and ask one of the workers if I could step inside and look around … but figured it would be better to spare him my stinky, sweaty self.

I don’t know when we can officially declare ourselves “out” of the current Recession … but at least it looks like we might be making some progress.