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speak out

If you didn’t hear this from yesterday’s post – here it is again:

Following up … Upon listening, a number of like-minded friends, both cyclists and non-cyclists, have expressed their outrage over what was advocated on the broadcast.  Many tweets have flown around, some have sent emails, written blog posts, written letters, etc., denouncing the station for their reckless promotion of violence toward cyclists.  If you care to take action, I’ve listed three ways in which you can act: write a letter, send an email, and/or file a complaint online with the FCC.  The FCC has a provision to allow individuals to report a station “Broadcasting threatening or intimidating statements about an individual or group”. Personally, when someone expresses a desire to throw something at my head, or go Grand Theft Auto on me, “intimidating” is how I hear it.  It will obviously be up to the FCC to make the final determination, but it could certainly make a point, or at least cause some headaches, if multiple reports were to be filed.

To file a complaint report …

On the FCC complaint page, select: “Broadcast (TV and Radio), Cable, and Satellite Issues”

On the next page select: “Unauthorized, unfair, biased, illegal broadcasts” (this is where the FCC provision against “Broadcasting threatening or intimidating statements about an individual or group” is found)

Fill in your personal information, and on the following page you can enter the details about this particular broadcast, including:

Radio Station: WCSX
Radio Frequency: 94.7
City: Detroit, MI
Program Name: Deminski & Doyle Morning Show
Date of Program: 08/05/2009
Time: 8:00am

If you want to write a letter:

Greater Media President & CEO Peter Smyth
Greater Media
35 Braintree Hill Park, Suite 300
Braintree, MA  02184

If you would like to send Mr. Smyth an email:

If you would like to send the station head(?) an email:

If you would like to send the show’s Executive Producer (my brother-in-law) an email:

Finally, if you can, check out this letter sent by LAB President Andy Clarke to the president of Greater Media.  Very well done.

** 8/14/09 update: I just found out that League of Michigan Bicyclists has started a petitions drive, you can sign it here: Boycott Greater Media for intolerable remarks against cyclists They have a 1,000 signature goal; we can help them out.

shock jerks & my apologies

Earlier today I read this post ( by a fellow cycling advocate and twitter friend.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve heard similar stuff before, but I found some of the blatant aggressive anti-cyclist language used by these “shock jocks”, Deminski and Doyle, particularly offensive.  Cyclists have been called “arrogant”, “jerks” and “idiots” before, but I’ve never heard a public declaration by a “media” person stating “…you’d love to lob something at their heads”, and “… makes you want to go Grand Theft Auto on them, but you can’t” (in reference to the violent video game where characters are beaten to death).

Here’s the actual audio clip by Deminski and Doyle from radio station WCSX in Detroit:

OK, I found it more than sufficiently disturbing and offensive – filled with not only grossly inaccurate stereotypes about cyclists, total lack of knowledge over cycling rights and legislation, and violent and aggressive suggestions for drivers when encountering and passing cyclists.  Enough said – I know it’s the game the shock jerks play.  As a friend so aptly put it – don’t buy in the shock jock stupidity; it’s exactly the kind of rage they’re trying to elicit.

But the experience became more interesting … I have a brother in-law who is a morning show producer for a Detroit area radio station. Couldn’t recall the name of his station, but decided to email my sister in-law, asking if she or my BIL knew of these guys.  Never even mentioned the bike spot in my query.

What came back to me literally knocked me off my chair.  Not only does my brother know these shock jerks, he works at the very station – with them! It appears he is the executive producer of the show!  And apparently neither my SIL or BIL find anything wrong with what was said.  (At the request of, and in respect for, my husband, I have subsequently edited this post – regarding my personal feelings over this particular matter).

I extend apologies to all of my cycling friends and peeps – for this offensive garbage that was facilitated, in part, by members of my extended family.

I just have no words right now.  I sent a picture off to brother- and sister-in-law … a picture of their own cycling family members.  Next time they condone calling cyclists “jerks” and “idiots” deserving of having things thrown at their heads, I hope they will think of us.

Call your own family arrogant jerks and idiots and advocate violence against us...

Call your own family members arrogant jerks and idiots and advocate violence against them...