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#330daysofbiking Day 47: forgotten

not forgotten

I think my Xtracycle had been feeling a bit forgotten lately.  My favorite (organic, local) grocery store closed their doors last winter, and I am now forced to shop at the nasty chain store  – which is farther from home, and a more difficult ride (from a traffic/route standpoint).  My grocery runs by bicycle have been more infrequent, sadly – and less often by bicycle.  I need to figure out a way to change this.

Tonight I took my beautiful bike just out for a ride – no hauling involved.  It’s such a lovely bike to ride; a perfect fit, that smooth, comfortable ride of a steel frame.

Ended up stopping at the old Baptist cemetery nearby, once again.  Rain clouds were rolling in, and the light was eerily beautiful against the old headstones.  Some of the markers are fascinating to read.  Some are so worn and aged that they can’t even be identified.  I know I probably sound quite goofy with my fascination over old graveyards, but they always intrigue me.  Calculating the ages, trying to imagine what the world was like when the person was alive, the records of entire families.  I get caught up in the history, and I’m sometimes saddened by some of the old forgotten, broken markers.  I always tell myself that next time, I am going to bring some flowers along – for the forgotten ones.  Next time.


#30daysofbiking Day 26: earth wind fire water

Earth and wind ... a blustery bicycle day

Elemental day.  The earth and wind part came by bike.  A front moved through bringing more wind and cold(er) and blustery temperatures. Not much rain, but pretty threatening skies.  Wasn’t the nicest day to be riding, but I headed out for a local trip on the Xtracycle.  Took the camera along, but my eyes felt “broken” – just didn’t see anything to shoot (except usual group of cows far out in the distance).

Afternoon brought another tennis match for Grant; today’s home game was at Lee University in town.  It was uncomfortably cold and windy to be sitting still watching the match, so I walked around a bit – which is where the fire and water part come in.  Lee University’s athletic teams are the Lee Flames, and they have a neat flame-topped fountain adjacent to the tennis center.  Going through the photos upon getting home, I couldn’t help noticing the elements.

Pretty lame correlation … but I cannot explain how my brain works some days. 😉

... fire and water (Lee University)

... fire and water (Lee University)

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