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#30daysofbiking Day 13: triathlon Tuesday

This has become the only kind of triathlon I will partake in.  Swim, bike, read. 😉

Not my cup of tea...

My usual Tueday routine of riding to the pool for a swim, and the rather loathed routine of weights and strength training.  I would much rather be in the pool or outside riding, but kind of like brushing my teeth, I visit the weight room for the sake of bone density preservation (and it probably doesn’t hurt cycling/skiing/swimming-wise, either).  Gee, I love getting old.

I also had one of my typical moments of sheer genius today – left the house with camera(s) in hand … only to discover that I had left both batteries in the wall-chargers. Apparently I need some strength training in my brain muscles. So – no batteries, no pictures – except for these rather messy things I took with my iPhone.  FTW! 😛

On the way home I decided to stop at the bookstore, in search of a good book on photographic composition.  As is typically the case, I left the store with not one, but four books in hand.  Not all photography books, but still – ridiculous lack of self control when it comes to books.

One of my twitter cycling friends, Kerstin (@Kittydew) – who is a brilliant illustrator and computer/graphics design instructor, as well as an awesome cyclist – has been working far too hard lately. (Quite unlike myself, as you can tell).  So I told her I would take a scenic detour on her behalf during today’s ride.  And I did.  Took the long(er) way home, along Candies Creek Ridge Road.  And I will apologize to her in advance for the absence of some nice pictures of “her ride”.  Stupid, stupid battery-less me.  iPhone is all you get, my friend.

Now to sit down with the new books….

Kerstin's-been-working-too-hard detour

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#30daysofbiking – Day 6: day of beauty

It was another beautiful day.  As much as I wanted to just go off on a road ride, I headed into town to take care of a couple of errands as well as a visit to the Y for a swim.  Dropped a couple of packages off at UPS, stopped at the bank, hopped in the pool for 2000 yds, and paid my dues in the weight room.  On my way home, stopped for a much-needed bit of pampering and polishing – in the manner of a pedicure. (Yes, I still have my girlie ways 😉

By the time I was done, school was out and I met up with Dillon for an early bite to eat, and also a trip to the phone store to swap out/upgrade his old phone.  With everything done, I headed home.  On the quiet street of the neighborhoods that I cut through to avoid a nasty main road, there was a lovely blooming cherry tree (in the photo above).  Beautiful.

Not that I advocate riding in flip-flops, but sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do ... pedicure! 😉

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