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small change

I leave on my bicycle and often think: same roads, same fences, same old barns, same bike, same me … nothing changes.

And then I open my eyes and realize that nature, the natural world, is changing all around me.  Beautifully.  From minute, to day, to week, to season.

The same road is different each day in small and subtle ways.  It is all the change I need.

#30daysofbiking Day 9: turtles and tulips

share the road

The sun is back, the pavement is warm, and there was a turtle on the road.  No, not me.  Well, kind of ….

About 10 minutes out I spotted this guy sitting perfectly still in the middle of the road.  Perfect basking weather, I know, but not the safest place to be sun-bathing.  So what do I do?  Yep – set my bike down, pull my camera out, and lay flat on my stomach (also in the middle of the road) to take his photo.   Fortunately, neither of us was run over. (There’s really not much traffic on my local bike route in the middle of the day). Pickup truck driver who cautiously passed by at one point looked at me kind of strangely…

Decided to move him off to the side, still in the sun, but hopefully in a less vulnerable spot.  He was little, but a snapper.

Shortly after the turtle stop, I came across (and surprised) two wild turkeys that were also in the middle of the road.  It was a regular zoo out there today! (bad….) Before I could pull out the camera, they ran off – so you are spared at least one wild (redneck) kingdom pic.

I did make one more stop for the tulip.  It was safely off the side of the road, but I thought it was so beautiful I couldn’t resist.  I should probably take fewer pictures and do more serious pedaling … but one of the things I love best about biking is getting to see so many amazing things – things I would never notice if I was driving a car.  It’s great to be out in the world – rather than just driving through it.

I want a bike jersey with these colors ...

#30daysofbiking – Day 7: fence lines and tulips

rail fence along Bigsby Creek Road

Solo road ride today. Peaceful springtime morning.  Some fairly gusting winds, which was blowing the blossoms from the trees like confetti.  It was beautiful to ride through.  Stopped to take a few shots by this wonderful rail fence and tree line along Bigsby Creek Road.  They also had a beautiful tulip/pansy bed out near the end of their drive, which was stunning in the morning light.

As I sit here writing this and looking out the window, the clouds are beginning to roll in and the wind is steadily picking up – sure signs that the predicted storm front is on its way.  Tomorrow may be some riding in the rain, but we’ve had such an amazing streak of gorgeous weather, I really can’t complain.

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