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the good samaritan

wind, rain, sky drama ... and a bike ride ūüėČ

Are there days when you actually shouldn’t be out riding around on a bike? ¬†I don’t know. ¬†But apparently the woman who stopped her car as I was standing along the road snapping a few pictures thought so.

“Can I give you a ride home?”

“Oh … no thank you, I’m fine. ¬†Just taking a few pictures,” I say.

“Um… well, ok.” ¬†(Looking at me sideways, apparently assessing my state of mental health).

“But thanks for asking,” ¬†I say with a smile, trying to assure her that I had a functioning brain underneath my helmet.

Maybe if she could just see the sky the way I saw it today, from the seat of my bike … would she understand?

I didn't spot any Holsteins flying through the air...

#330daysofbiking Day 210


#30daysofbiking Day 26: earth wind fire water

Earth and wind ... a blustery bicycle day

Elemental day. ¬†The earth and wind part came by bike. ¬†A front moved through bringing more wind and cold(er) and blustery temperatures. Not much rain, but pretty threatening skies. ¬†Wasn’t the nicest day to be riding, but I headed out for a local trip on the Xtracycle. ¬†Took the camera along, but my eyes felt “broken” – just didn’t see anything to shoot (except usual group of cows far out in the distance).

Afternoon brought another tennis match for Grant; today’s home game was at Lee University in town. ¬†It was uncomfortably cold and windy to be sitting still watching the match, so I walked around a bit – which is where the fire and water part come in. ¬†Lee University’s athletic teams are the Lee Flames, and they have a neat flame-topped fountain adjacent to the tennis center. ¬†Going through the photos upon getting home, I couldn’t help noticing the elements.

Pretty lame correlation … but I cannot explain how my brain works some days. ūüėČ

... fire and water (Lee University)

... fire and water (Lee University)

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#30daysofbiking Day 25: windy

... after the storm, field in bloom

It was a dark and stormy night …. (I have always wanted to write that). ¬†Lots of nasty weather last night, but woke up this morning to sun and some pretty strong winds gusts. ¬† ¬†Lots of green. ¬†(And yellow – up in the field).

Spent the day doing house stuff. ¬†Actually, Mark did more of the “work” part than I did (no surprise there). ¬†We had both considered taking a nice long road ride, but the wind was so crazy we decided to hold off until later in the afternoon. ¬†Finally got out, but it was some tough going. ¬†Riding against a gusting headwind is even more difficult for me than a long climb (but I am not such a serious cyclist to begin with;)). ¬†A few times crosswind gusts felt like they were going to blow my bike right out from underneath me. ¬†On the flip side, a change in direction (tailwind), made it feel like I was flying. ¬†Definitely the fun part!

can you tell local elections are right around the corner?

"sharing the road"

Spent a little time playing with my camera around the yard and up in the field. ¬†More “other” pics than bike pics today. Still kind of hard to believe that we’ve reached Day 25 of the 30… ¬†And that’s all I have. ūüėõ

little blue butterfly up in the field - can never figure out how they can navigate on windy days like today?

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